60 Minutes

Season 46 Episode 12

December 15, 2013 - Inside the NSA, The Copts

Full Episode: December 15, 2013 - Inside the NSA, The Copts


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In a two-part segment, CBS News' John Miller receives unprecedented access to the halls of the United States National Security Agency and interviews several key staff including its head, General Keith B. Alexander. The segment includes an explanation of what the NSA does and what it says it does not do, including spying on Americans. The segments also look at the damage caused by former contractor Edward Snowden's leaks.
Bob Simon profiles Egyptian's Christians, known as Coptics. The recent turmoil in Egypt has led to one of the worst periods of persecution of the Coptics in its nearly 2,000-year history.

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Jan 06, 2014
The segment "inside the NSA" isn't journalisme, it's propoganda. its disgusting. F...ingliars.I always thought i could trust theintegrity of "60 minutets". im dissapointed. 'm with "Team Snowden"

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