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Season 44 Episode 21

February 12, 2012 - Deception at Duke, India's Gold, The Year of Adele

Full Episode: February 12, 2012 - Deception at Duke, India's Gold, The Year of Adele


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Scott Pelley reports on Duke University oncologist Dr. Anil Potti, an Indian-born Rhodes Scholar who manipulated data in his study of a breakthrough cancer therapy and fooled not only Duke itself, but also 112 patients who signed up for the treatment and top medical journals. It is one of the largest medical frauds in history.

Byron Pitts reports on the demand for gold in India, which accounts for an amazing 32 percent of the worldwide market for the precious metal with wedding jewellery driving roughly 50 per cent of the demand. The Indian Dream of owning gold is akin to the American Dream of owning a home

Anderson Cooper profiles 23-year old British singing sensation Adele, whose second album sold over 17 million copies worldwide and has put her in line for six Grammys. She talks about recent laser vocal cord surgery to remove a polyp that threatened her career.

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