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ABC Family (ended 2003)


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  • Season 5
    • The Story of Annie the Anaconda
      Adam and Annie have a found a treasure trail in the jungle but the other animals race off to find the treasure first. When they reach the spot, the mysterious mountain sets them a riddle and they don't know what to do. Annie turns up and has a suggestion that will ensure they can all share in the magnificent treasure.moreless
    • The Story of Herbert's Peaceful Day
      The animals challenge very noisy Herbert the Warthog to stay silent for a whole day. He accepts and spends the next day really concentrating on being quiet. The other animals are impressed but will he keep it up until sunset and win the huge watermelon prize ?
    • The Story of the Hyenas' Holiday
      Harry the Hyena takes his family to a spot by the waterhole for their holiday. What could go wrong?
    • The Story of Victor the Crocodile
      Victor bans all the other animals from using the water hole as he's had enough of all the noise and splashing. The other animals eventually find a new place to drink and play but will they let Victor join them after the old waterhole dries up ? Perhaps if he apologises...moreless
    • The Story of Melanie's Birthday Present
      It's Melanie the Moose's birthday but she's too busy daydreaming to enjoy it. Her friends give her special presents but they're not the sort of presents she really likes. The friends then realise where they went wrong and set about making Melanie the best present a Moose could want and help her dreams come true.moreless
    • The Story of Boris the Bear
      Boris the Bear can't seem to find his honeycomb and asks for help from Melanie the Moose, Randolph the Raccoon, and Beverly the Beaver.
    • The Story of the Monster in the Forest
      Jazz the Jaguar sets out with some friends to frighten Adam the Armadillo on his walk through the forest. All their tricks backfire though as it seems Adam is not afraid of anything. Then to top it all, they find out that he's friends with a really scary monster.
    • The Story of Joey's Camping Trip
      Joey the Kangaroo has gone camping with his friends but his mum won't leave him alone to enjoy the trip. He has to suffer his friends teasing him and his mum spoiling his fun. However, when a daring rescue is needed Joey proves to everyone that he's not just a mommy's boy after all.moreless
    • The Story of Cousin Chuckles
      When Giggles' and Tickles' cousin Chuckles comes to visit everyone expects lots of tricks and jokes. But this cousin is far different than Giggles and Tickles and soon learns some tricks to entertain the animals.
    • The Story of Georgina's Bumbleberry Soup
      Georgina takes her Bumbleberry soup so serious that she gets very mad at the other animals when they add stuff to her soup.
    • The Story of Gary's Best Friend
      Gary the Dromedary tries to be friends with Zed the Zebra, but Zed doesn't want to. It's good for Zed, but not for Georgina the Giraffe, Molly the Hippo, and Natalie the Antelope.
    • The Story of Seamus the Stork
      Seamus is the best flyer in all of Africa and all the birds know it. One day he has an accident and can't fly, then the other animals try and fix his wing and can't seem to but they feel very silly after a miracle occurs.
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