$64,000 Question

CBS (ended 1958)


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$64,000 Question

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Welcome to the $64,000 Question guide at TV.com. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details. This quiz show was based on a radio game show "Take It or Leave It" where the top prize is $64. The television version added 3 zeroes to make it $64,000. A contestant started by choosing a category of his/her choice. The first 10 questions were valued starting @ $1 & doubled up to $512. At any time, the contestant could walk away with the money earned (Jack Benny stopped @ $1!) or risk missing & going home with nothing. The next three questions ($1,000/$2,000/$4,000) came from a secured safe. Then it came time for the Isolation Booth. There, questions were divided into many parts (IE: a 6-part question for $8,000), & think music was provided before the contestant could answer. Each successful win paid $8,000/$16,000/$32,000/$64,000. Missing a question in this stage of the game resulted in a consolation prize, a new Cadillac. Many famous contestants appeared on the show including Barbara Feldon (Get Smart) who had Shakespeare for her caegory, Dr. Joyce Brothers for boxing. There were sometimes guest hosts who filled in for Hal March, Ed Sullivan was game show host for a day. The demise of The $64,000 Question was because of the Quiz Show Scandal. Producers fed contestants information beforehand. Along with Twenty-One & Dotto (the show that started the scandals), big money quizzes were gone by 1958. In 1976, it came back as The $128,000 Question. Mike Darow hosted the first season from New York while Alex Trebek did the second season from Toronto.


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