666 Park Avenue

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666 Park Avenue
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AIRED ON 2/19/2013

Season 1 : Episode 13

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666 Park Avenue follows a couple who are offered the opportunity to manage the historic building, The Drake. But it's not what it seems. They learn that all of their needs and desires will be met courtesy of the building's mysterious owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O'Quinn). But every Faustian contract comes with a price. The Drake maintains a dark hold over all of its residents, tempting them through their ambitions and desires, in this chilling new drama that's home to an epic struggle of good versus evil.

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  • One of the best horror shows ever!

    Great story line, great cast. I hope they will shoot 2nd series. It would be a damn shame if they didn't!
  • 666 park evenue

    I absolutely love this show. I was very disappointed to find out that after only 13 episodes, it got canceled. The cast, brilliant! Love there characters! It has absolutely everything. I haven't watched a good show like this in awhile. It drives me crazy that they left a cliffhanger, I am still hoping for it to come back!!!!!
  • Say it aint so!!!!!!!!

    I was waiting for this show to come back since July! You left us with a cliffhanger and then went away. Please come back cuz you're breaking my itty bitty heart!
  • Bring it back!

    this was one of the best TV shows I have seen in a very long time. All of the actors in it are fantastic and the show is very addicting. I cannot believe it was cancelled because of the outrage from religious Groups. failing ratings my ass. I cannot believe a great show like this gets cancelled but a tacky terrible soap opera garbage show like once upon a time has several seasons. it just goes to show you the influence religious nuts have in America. What the hell happened to separation of church and state? If you do not like something don't watch it simple as that. I am so sick of religious nuts ruining things for the rest of us.moreless
  • Best Series it Back

    This show is fantastic!!! Can't believe that they cancelled it. I have watched the 13 episodes and could watch a 100 is better than lost. Wish the execs did cancel the good Nova was another. Bring it back!!!!

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