666 Park Avenue

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on ABC

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  • Some mixed feelings so far.

    OK, so the only reason I decided to watch this at first was because Vanessa Williams was on it, and I absolutely loev her! She is amazing!

    The things I liked abou t it are the interesting psat of the building and I want to learn more about it and just what it is all about.

    But I'm not a fan of the horror aspect o f it. It's unappealing to me at all. Just creepy.

    I'm not yet certain whether or not I will continue to watch. I will probably end up watching, but I'll have to daefinitely make sure I watch it during daytime! A bit too creepy for a late night bite.

    I don't want to draw any other premature conclusions about the show without seeing more, but I have mixed feelings from the pilot.
  • 666 Park Avenue

    666 Park Avenue exceeded my expectations by far. I was very impressed with the level of sophistication, writing, acting, directing, cinematography, music and editing. There was a ton of character and plot development through out the entire episode and the actors were perfect in their roles. This show reminds me of the "The Devils Advocate" and many other similar movies. The actors are grade A, and so is every thing else. I liked the story lines established so far. Out of all the new fall series this was the most unexpected surprise and I certainly look forward to watching more of this astonishing series!!!!!!!!!
  • Yawan

    want to love it, but so far just outright boring...