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  • Great show

    Not sure why this show was dropped. It had a great story line and cast
  • One of the best horror shows ever!

    Great story line, great cast. I hope they will shoot 2nd series. It would be a damn shame if they didn't!
  • 666 park evenue

    I absolutely love this show. I was very disappointed to find out that after only 13 episodes, it got canceled. The cast, brilliant! Love there characters! It has absolutely everything. I haven't watched a good show like this in awhile. It drives me crazy that they left a cliffhanger, I am still hoping for it to come back!!!!!
  • Say it aint so!!!!!!!!

    I was waiting for this show to come back since July! You left us with a cliffhanger and then went away. Please come back cuz you're breaking my itty bitty heart!
  • Bring it back!

    this was one of the best TV shows I have seen in a very long time. All of the actors in it are fantastic and the show is very addicting. I cannot believe it was cancelled because of the outrage from religious Groups. failing ratings my ass. I cannot believe a great show like this gets cancelled but a tacky terrible soap opera garbage show like once upon a time has several seasons. it just goes to show you the influence religious nuts have in America. What the hell happened to separation of church and state? If you do not like something don't watch it simple as that. I am so sick of religious nuts ruining things for the rest of us.
  • Best Series it Back

    This show is fantastic!!! Can't believe that they cancelled it. I have watched the 13 episodes and could watch a 100 is better than lost. Wish the execs did cancel the good Nova was another. Bring it back!!!!

    ABC needs to bring this show back. I really enjoyed watching it but like always they cancel the good shows and keep the crappy ones on .
  • Another good program bites the dust!?

    I agree with "Bring It Back!" I wish a petition would work, but when the network execs. make up their minds about programs it s gone. Its all about the money. Never mind its being recorded to watch at a later time or even on ABC in Demand where you have to watch the commercials to watch the program. Every time I get hooked it gets pulled!
  • Bring It Back!

    Start a Petition!

    USA can bring it back!

    This actually has decent acting!!

    Goodness- if they have trash on f/x & TNT- show something GOOD & ADULT!!!
  • What Were You Thinking, ABC???

    666 Park Avenue was, in my opinion, the best of all suspense-type TV shows aired. It kept me on the edge of my seat and in a "I can't wait to see what happens next" mode. The last episode, Lazareth Part 1 had such a surprising ending with Jane transformed into a 2013 Rosemary's Baby. I absolutely loved the show and wish ABC would reconsider putting the show back on with new episodes for all of us who miss all the nail-biting on Saturday night! What were you thinking, ABC by cancelling such a fantastic program????
  • Crap Shoot!

    Ok, I've been at Episode 9 and you know, this is becoming a damn good show! I'm truly sad to know that it will be cancelled. Patience is a virtue. ABC shouldn't have jumped the gun.


    I really think this show has something good to offer. I like it. I hope they at least resolve the show on DVD if the cancellation is final.


    This was one of those shows that could have used a bit better execution. And better leads.
  • Isn't this the same network....

    that canceled "Commander in Chief"? Right in the middle of the series? Gena David even won an award

    for her performance. Whatza matter wich you guys? You didn't give either of these programs a chance!

    If you can't be productive and know what people want from you - well then go work for congress.

    Bring BOTH programs back! and quit messin' with us!
  • Re-air the first nin episodes

    if showing the final 4 episodes after so muych time has passed, why not re broadcast the first 9 episodes as well its not like there are a lot of new shows lining up for the air time.
  • first season is over -- this one is done

    13 episodes-- that is the first season. This show is done. I gave it a shot but it jumped the shark for me the second Whoopi Goldberg waddled onto the set
  • Supposedly, It's coming back

    Supposedly, it's coming back in June to finish out it's 1st season. Whether it returns after that, is up to how well the ratings are.
  • Good but disappointing.

    Nice show but axed, with no proper ending. If you like supernatural shows you will like it but at the end you will be disappointed.
  • update the status

    It says 'In Season' but isn't this show cancelled?

    It had great potential, but the focus was on the annoying blonde instead of a strong female role.
  • PLS another season of 666 park avenue

    Why do you always cancelling a beautiful program like 666 park avenue? I was disappointed when ABC cancel the "The gates" and now the "666 park Now I know why ABC has many haters! another season for this PLS do not cancelled

    I will love ABC if you do another season of 666 park PLS dont do on what you did in THE PLS....
  • YES!! Bring it back!!!!

    It's always the same, as soon as a show picks up and starts getting good it's cancelled. I hate even watching a new show now, I feel like waiting until it's in it's 2nd or 3rd season just to be sure. Another good show gone, thanks ABC!!
  • horrible network decision

    best show out there, i have watched all the episodes twice and recommended to a lot of people to start watching it,thank you ABC for ruining it....
  • Bring it back!!!!!!!!

    was really getting in to this programme and each week gutted i had to wait a week for the next one why cancel a perfectly good show ????????
  • 8.5
    I knew the show didn't get signed on for another season but I was also under the impression that they would wrap up the show to the viewers satisfaction !! I absolutely hate it when a good show is abruptly cut off. So much potential!!
  • Angry

    I have to say quite I'm quite disappointed and angry with the cancellation of the show, this was quite an intriguing show lots of mystery and surprise at every corner shame ABC shame
  • Dispicable!

    ABC suks big time for cancelling the show! Wright when we started understanding what was going on, they cancelled. Dispicable, feeling really angry about this!
  • 666 its in the title

    I wonder if the title is what made most poeple not watch it that otherwise would

    and that is why they cancelled. The number that is always associated with the devil would prevent plenty of people from even considering to watch it. I think they messed up by doing that because it really is an awesome show that keeps you on your toes. Dissapointed it's being cancelled.
  • doesn't make sense

    fine u wanna cancel this amazing show, ok. but why the hell next episode will be airing in 7/7 !!! we suppose to wait 6 months for the next episode of the show that is going to be canceled ???!!! WTH
  • Episode 10 is awesome

    Ep. 10 is awesome. Its ashame that this great show is done, may be this is for minority in the US. For the rest of world, it isn't...
  • 666 Park Avenue

    Just when I had all my friends hooked, you cancel the show. So much crap on TV this was fun, interesting, kept your interest, and scary as well. Sorry you cancelled and hope it comes back soon. It was a bad decision to cancel.
  • why cancel one of the best series on wait 6months to finish

    I dont understand why this is being canceled and if so why the hell are we waiting till summer to see the last 4 episodes im so disappointed in abc this is one of the better shows on this network. i think that season 2 should be scheduled and last 4 episodes should be played now.. this is ridiculous!
  • Typical Network Fun Sponges

    It is hard to find a horror based television show these days that doesn't try for the pathetically quirk - not at all funny - girl next door crap. The interwoven story lines in '666 Park Avenue' are well written and for television, the acting is pretty impressive.

    Everything about this show is above the board, yet after one season ABC decides to replace it with two cheesy, mindless comedies. Typical. Hopefully another network realises the potential in this show and picks it back up and doesn't just let it die like TV greats, 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'Carnivale'.
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