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  • I like it.

    it's not complicated, what i like about shows I watch - If i wanted to see complicated stuff, i'd see a movie. It's triller enough to keep me uptight, but na scary stuff to keep me from falling asleap. I think they've found a good combination of it all, ao keep up with it.
  • Totally Got Me.

    It has been a while that i haven't seen any TV series with interest. But this show just got me, probably because it is totally different and has numerous indirect LOST references [I still call him John Locke]. Well, superb sci-fi show which has great potential.
  • Got me.

    It's been a long time since a show has had me fascinated that much. Good , no ...amazing start, I'd rather say. If they keep this up, they sure as hell will keep my hunger for a good thriller/mystery/drama/supernatural stories satisfied. Looking forward to see what happens next.
  • Great Series!

    I must say, i had my doubts, but it is such a compelling show! I hope gets renewed for more seasons to come! (:
  • Promising :D :D :D

    A typical ghost story with lots of twist and turns which sometime make you think...kind of slow in the begging but is starting to pick-up the pace and I hope this will continue from here on out :D :D :D
  • Very mixed feelings

    The only reason I keep coming back to the show is that I truly enjoy Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams, they exude power, charm and mystery. I don't care for 'the resident of the week', we don't get to know them so why care how they end up? Rachael Taylor really annoys me and it's hard to like her character. The rest of the cast is just very bland.
  • Things that make you go MMMMM.

    I enjoy a show that keeps me guessing!
  • 666 Park Ave vs. GCB

    GET REAL! the DEVIL vs Christians... COME on! funny how christians are not up set about this show. its the DEVIL! ABC is promoting the devil but not christian women in their full bitchness???? WEM 666 park Ave SHOW sucks! the Bald lead is NOT believable .... IF you can air 666 you BRING BACK GCB! 666 Park Ave. SHOW SUCKS GCB WAS BETTER!!! funnier! bring back CAMPY GCB!!!!
  • Too close to call but not bad

    The pilot was fairly slow and shallow. It's not a horror movie or even scary, more mystery genre. However, I kind of liked it, I want to know more about the building, the dragon mosaic and G.Doran (DraGon).

    Btw. the mosaic looks like a sketch of the constellation "Draco", which lies above the latitude of 66.6 degrees. And the Bible says: "Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world - he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him." [Rev 12:7-9]

    Now it all depends on how long it will take to bring the tension up and if it will stay that slow. If they need 8 episodes for Jane to find out what is going on and another 8 episodes until someone believes her, I'm out long before. But the pilot got me interested and I hope for the best.
  • Guilty Pleasure Fun

    I liked it! I was told one of the national newspapers panned it, but I wanted to judge for myself. Absurd? Sure. Nowhere near as excellent as Rosemary's Baby? For sure. But fun, nonetheless. I am genuinely looking forward to see what happens next. I hope ABC doesn't cancel it too soon!
  • Great cliffhanger of an ending

    Pretty good follow-up episode with some intriguing moments, e.g. a nest of birds flying out of the wall, girl thief having a horrible vision of what's going to happen next, and of course that crazy ending! I can't wait to find out what happens next after that door slams shut, and I certainly hope it will not turn out to be a cop-out, like Jane waking up from another one of her dream!
  • IT WAD GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!

    the pilot was great. it was worth the wait. i love 666 park ave. i do not read the books but this tv show makes me want to read it. also the cast is great. terry o quinn from lost. Vanessa Williams from desperate housewives. and most best Robert Buckley from ONE TREE HILL. i cant wait for more. if they cancel this i will die
  • Unoriginal mystery series

    I saw the pilot with mixed expectations and unfortunately it was a let down. The premise being similar to that of Rosemary's Baby - one of the greatest horror stories ever told. In 666, a young couple move into an old building owned by satanic landlords who lead a double life.

    The episode had the feel of one of X-Files' duds. Very predictable, immature and passionless - Terry O'Quinn whom I was eager to see again, was clearly not committing fully.

    Just dull and pointless, I'm afraid - next!
  • Looking forward for the next episode

    A suprisingly good pilot, although my rating is still temporary I am looking forward to the next episode. It is a mix of the movie Devils advocat and of supernatural (demon deals). Hope next episode continues the good work.
  • Boring, archaic...

    ...teribbly cast. oh, and did I mention it's utterly boring? simply bad tv.
  • I liked it.

    just don't know for how long i will like it. I want to know about the past of the building, who is that mary woman. And whats up with my hate character the phycic Laurel Harris. I just don't like her, weirdo..

    How long will it take for Henry to not dismiss every weird feeling Alexis has "oww thats just the stress honny" blah blah. And if one of them is going the have a contract with Doran and its going to be a secret between this couple and takes to long to come out, then its time for me to stop watching. Sure i think Henry is going to be the one to make the mistake of sining a contract. Probably for a big carreer jump maybe to become the next mayor?

    I hope this couple is going to be a strong one, figthing together for their lifes and the other residents from the Dorans.

    For now i'me ready for more.

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