Season 3 Episode 24

A Crime of Fashion

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Apr 10, 2006 on TELETOON
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A Crime of Fashion
When Tricia overhears Caitlin gossiping about her in the changing rooms at a clothing store, she plants an expensive item in Caitlin's bag and Caitlin is arrested by mall security for shoplifting. Meanwhile, Jonesy scores a date with hot French foreign exchange student Amelie, but has to take his little brother Robbie along. And Jude discovers that a new series of mannequins that look like him are popping up all over the mail.moreless
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  • Bad episode this is were 6teen should been ended.

    This episode pushed the envelope to far I think it ripped right open. Amazingly no one said crap. But everything else is what this show expects teenegers to be like. This hispanic manw*ore Johnsy goes on a date with a typical french girl Emilie. They put too much sexuality content on her I don't know how this show got a G rating. (For those who are not Canadian this rating means fun for the whole family or its safe to watch). Not to mention when the camera keeps zooming up on her chest and the men start drooling. Not appropriate. Also theirs a Jude model wearing a man thong/cloth. It so perverse that they use inneudo for its name. (Banana hammock and nuthugger. References to P3nis and Testicl3s.)

    Not to mention more references to tampons. What next? I wish I could rate this lower then 1 but it wont let me.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There is an error during the scene in which Jonesy is explaing the perfect date with Emily. In it, he has six fingers on each hand.

    • Jonesy's little brother is named Robbie. But in the episode Clonsey, Jen mentions Jonesy's little brother, but says his name is Marshall.

    • The name of the ice cream parlor that Jonesy works at is called The Soda Hop. That's also the name of the 50's joint that Jonesy worked at in the pilot episode, but got fired ten minutes later.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jen: (About Robbie) Last night, he tied every pair of my underwear together and stung them up on the hydro pole.

    • Robbie: (On the Khaki Barn phone) Hello. You've reached the Cracky Barn, where butt cracks are our specialty. (Puts the phone near his butt and lets out a big fart) Have a cracky day.

    • (Jonesy's got a date, and doesn't know who to leave his brother with)
      Nikki: I'll take him.
      Jen: You want to babysit?
      Nikki: No, but he'll drive the Clones crazy.

    • Jonesy: So you want to go out with me?
      Emily: How do I put this in English? No.
      : Huh? Did you just say no?
      : Yes.
      : Why? I'm like the most eligible guy in the mall.
      : I heard you ran through Grind Me naked.
      : That wasn't me. Okay, it was, but I can explain. Look, I'm a good guy, ask anyone! Okay, maybe not anyone. Please?
      : No.

    • Jude: Hey by the way, did you guys see? They made a mannequin of me in the window of Tarred Up Formal Wear.
      Jen: It's true, it's a dead ringer.
      Jonesy: Nice dude, you know what they say about imitation.
      Jude: No, what?
      Jonesy: I... I-- I don't know, but it's something good.

    • Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
      : No.
      : Want to go out with me?
      : No.
      Jonesy: Want to go out with me?
      : No.
      : Want to go out with me?
      : Huh! Fine.
      : Want to go out with--Wait? Fine? You mean you will? Yes, I knew I'd break you down eventually.

    • Jonesy: Hey, can we talk about something important for a sec? I've got a date with Emily the French chick tonight, and it's got to be perfect.
      : Finally harassed the poor girl into going out with you, huh?

    • (Jonesy threatens his brother about ruining his date)
      Jonesy: Do not do anything, do not say anything, got it? I know where you live.

    • (Jonesy is trying to get Robbie out from under the table)
      : Get up there right now or there's an atomic wedgie in your very near future.

    • (Robbie drops Caitlin's Tampons into the lemon blender)
      Caitlin: Suddenly, I am so glad I'm an only child.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The shirt that Jen is wearing in the beginning is a flipped over version of the NIKE logo since they can't actually use the logo its self so they have to alter it a little.