Season 1 Episode 8

Breaking Up With The Boss' Son

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Dec 26, 2004 on TELETOON
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Breaking Up With The Boss' Son
Jen falls instantly in love with Coach Halder's son Corey, who has just started working at The Penalty Box. She goes on a date with him, only to find that's he's horrifyingly similar to his dad. Yuck! She's got to get out of this - and fast. But Corey seems to be in love with her... and her friends warm her that she can't break up with him or she might lose her job. You can't dump the boss's son!!!! But maybe if Jen is the WORST date in the world, she can convince Corey to dump HER... Meanwhile, Jonsey destroys a receiver in Stereo Shack and agrees to work the damages. Unfortunately, the manager is a hard core Star Wars fan named Darth who Jonsey used to torture in middle school... and now Darth can taste the revenge. Jonsey gets humiliated… then fired.moreless

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  • First episode I watched of 6teen.

    Well this episode sure made a good example to the show, since this is my first episode that I saw of the show, and the episode was really great, even though it wasn't the pilot, I felt like it re-introduced every character, to make the watcher feel like it's the first episode, like Jen seems to be an average girl with love troubles. Jonesey getting fires. Caitlin being eh fashionable one. Wyatt, the smart one? Nikki, the punk and Jude, the skater. I like how both, Jen and boss son wanted to break up bu were to afraid to, kind of sad how Jen had to make it all public.moreless
  • Jen falls in love with a new co-worker before realizing he's the boss's son! After giving it a shot she realizes he is even worse than the coach ! Meanwhile Jonesy is caught in an embarrasing act by his co-worker and is forced to set him up with Nikki!moreless

    I nearly burst into tears laughing when Jonesy got a wedgie from Darth. And then humiliated when Nikki convinces Darth to show the video tape to everyoe in the whole mall! I coudn't help but giggle when Jen became all clingy in order to get her boyfriend to break up with her.

    This was one of the funniest episodes so far!
  • The 6TEEN Show on teletoon is by far very hilarious and fun to watch.

    6TEEN is simply hilarious! You can sit and watch every episode. You'll be glued to the tv set for hours at a time watching this show. I love it, I always have and always will. I love watching it because it has great meaning, and makes you laugh at almost every line!

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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Darth: You're popular, right?
      Jonsey: As a chocolate bar at fat camp.

    • Jen (About Corey): We have nothing in common, he doesn't listen to me and he's bossier than Coach Halder. And he's already asked me out again. I didn't know how to say "No."
      Caitlin: Wow, I am so glad I'm not you right now.

    • Jen: I'm stuck with a jerk for all eternity.
      Jude: Hey, eternity is just a state of mind.

    • Corey: (stroking a pink pashmina) I never knew how soft a pashmina was before. This will be so nice to have at those cold, early morning football practices.
      Jen: (clearly not amused) Unbelievable.

    • Jen (to Corey Halder): I've had more stimulating conversation with a TREE!

    • Nikki: Come on! I thought you said you can do this.
      Darth: You're kinda distracting me with your beauty.
      Nikki: We're getting revenge on Jonesy, remember? Just concentrate on that.
      Darth: I'm having second thoughts! Jonesy and I had a deal and a Jedi Master is nothing without honor.
      Nikki: Did Jonesy live up to his side of the bargain? He set you up with a girl who thinks your a freak.
      Darth: Cool, I'm over it. Thanks.

    • Nikki: It's amazing. You look so sweet in yet, it's like there's like this inner cow that's just dying to get out. I like it.
      Caitlin: Thanks! You're a total cow, too!

    • Jonesy: So you're saying I'm screwed?
      Darth: Like a lightbulb.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Darth
      The whole Darth character is a typical nerd Star Wars fanboy, beginning with his nickname and ending with his own cape, helmet and lightsaber of well known villain Darth Vader. We have some quotes from "SW", like "Padawan" and also spoof from famous Vader's "choking breath."