Season 3 Episode 4

Fish and Make Up

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Nov 23, 2005 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

Caitlin has a new boyfriend, and when she's with her friends, she continues to talk about her boyfriend over, and over, and over, and over again, and Nikki gets fed up, and Caitlin and Nikki begin to argue, and then break up, saying that they'll never get friends again. Jonesy has a new job selling perfumes to women, but then gets transfered into the men's section. Jude is watching his pet fish, and feed him stuff that fish aren't supposed to eat. Jen and friends try different things to get Caitlin and Nikki back together, but fail. The next day, Jude's pet fish dies because he fed him popcorn and pop, and they all (including Caitlin and Nikki) go into a bathroom, to say goodbye to the fish, and this makes Caitlin and Nikki decide to be friends again, as Jude flushes the fish down the toilet.