Season 3 Episode 4

Fish and Make Up

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Nov 23, 2005 on TELETOON



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Jude's Fish has eyelids and is able to blink. But it is commonly known, that fish do not have eyelids, and therefore are not able to blink.

  • Quotes

    • Caitlin: I'm sorry, Nikki, I've been a bad friend.
      Nikki: Me too, sorry. Look, do we have to do that thing, you know where we make up?
      Caitlin: Oh, yes. I'll start. I'm so sorry I called you a cow, I totally didn't mean it. You might come across as mean sometimes, but you're honest which is amazing.
      Nikki: Sorry I said you were shallow. Sure, you talk about boys and clothes a lot, but you also care about your friends. We're lucky to have you. I'm lucky to have you. Friends?
      Caitlin: Friends.
      (They hug)

    • Star: I don't think Fish is asleep, Jude.
      Jude: Then why won't he wake up?

    • Jonesy: Fish doesn't look so good.
      Jude: Fish is fine. He's just chillin.
      Jonesy: Chillin?
      Jude: Or maybe he's having a nap.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The movie that Jude and Fish are watching at the beginning of the episode is called Kill Phil, which is a spoof to the movie Kill Bill.

    • Title: Fish and Make Up

      Fish and Make Up is a spoof on the saying "Kiss and make up."