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    Here's the basic rules that you should follow. While here and everywhere else on Tv.com (Please follow them and I'll be happy):

    1: No spamming! -- There is no reason why you should create pointless topics. PLEASE stick to "6Teen" related topics, thank you.

    2: No attacking, flaming or insulting other users! -- Don't make other users here feel unwelcome. Respect them here and they'll respect you and you guys can become good friends maybe. If you see another user insulting for attacking someone or you, don't reply to him. Ignore him and report him.

    3: No double posting or posting double topics. -- If you double post by accident, it's fine, and make sure you deleted it.

    4: No swearing! -- If you feel like it, do it like this: ****ed so no one can guess what it is. But try to keep it in and avoid doing it anyways. It will be reported if it's not completely censored.

    5: DO NOT ask for downloading on this forum!! --It's illegal here and anywhere else on Tv.com and any topics that are created here asking for downloading will be locked or deleted. Don't give out links or sites for downloading anywhere. That too is illegal. Hint: Try to e-mail the site to them for download.

    6: No fanfiction. -- Please take all 6Teen fanfics to this site: http://www.fanfiction.net/

    7: If you are contrubing to episode summaries and recaps, don't copy the plots from any other site. To see more about contributing, go to: Please make up the summary and recap on your OWN! It's known as Plagerism, and it is taken seriously!

    8: If you don't like the show, don't start topics like: "This show sucks!" Not welcome and will be deleted ASAP! (As soon as possible) Any messages I see that break any of these rules WILL be deleted by me, or any other admin of this site. I'm gonna try my best as Editor to update new changes, and I am from Canada so it'll be a snap for me to change whatever needs changing. Enjoy the forum!
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