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6Teen Submission and Contributing Guidelines!

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    Hi, I'm Dark_InuYasha17 and is current editor for 6Teen and I'd like to point out the rules for submitting:

    I hate rejecting things but somethings for this there needs to be more detail or is just useless. I want to create a great 6Teen guide here so I'll want the best from you submitters to help it become one.

    Read the guidelines below that is related to what you are contributing.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions you have and I'll be more than welcome to help you out. 

    Reasons for rejecting your submissions: Don't submit a synopsis or recap to an episode before it has aired. (Unless a synopsis or recap is missing from an already aired episode.) The same thing goes for Trivia, and Notes. Reason for this has is contain spoilers for those who have not seen it. Any contributions made before this airing will be automatically rejected. Quotes should be more than one line, it should be more than one person just saying something, unless it is REALLY funny to you AND to me, but other than that, it'll be rejected. Don't copy plot off of other sites and putting it here.

    What do I love to get as a submission?
    1: Corrected spelling!!
    2: Corrected grammar!!
    3: Corrected format!!

    Trivia--Trivia is a goof up on the show.

    Example 1: While Jonesy is walking down the hallway, you can see that his cellphone is in his right hand, but in the next shot when he's talking to Jude, his cellphone is in his left hand.

    Example 2: When Nikki is sleeping in the food court, her nose ring is there, but when she is woken up by Jen, her nose ring disappears and when she gets up, it's there again!

    (This is not in the show, but mere examples I made up to show you what Trivia is. )

    These goofs are not obvious and can be easily missed if your not watching closely. If the goof is really obvious than it won't be much of a Trivia and might let to rejection. These are also known as mistakes in the show.

    Notes are something like that can happen offscreen and onscreen, or a little something such as "Nikki and Jonesy seem to like each in this episode" or "Jen likes tough guys" and "Jude wants to be a pro skateboarder when he grows up." It can also be about writer or production, when it was aired, etc.

    Alluision is something that refers to another show, movie, book, or a cultural reference.

    Summary--Almost no spoilers. A brief telling of the episode in a sort sentence or two. If I see it contains some spoilers, I'll edit it, or is a submission, I'll reject it.

    Recap--Every single detail in the show is put in here. It contains spoilers as well.

    IMPORTANT! It's gotta be in your own words and not taken and copied onto from another site. Please give me all 6Teen sites on the internet to see if there is any that have been copied from. If you see a summary or recap that is plagiarized, send it to me so it can be deleted. Click on edit to edit it and check the "Delete this note blurb". I'll reject it if I see the summary or recap has the same words from this site. If you do find it on another website, use a thesaurus and rewrite a bit so it's not word for word. Change the order of the words, use a synonym, correct the spelling, etc. Use spellcheck or write it in Microsoft Word and paste it into the box. I'll fix minor mistakes, but if there are way too many, I will reject it.

    Quote--Quotes are dialogue from the characters and most of the time they are supposed to be funny. Quotes should be (Always) like this:

    Jude: Dude!
    Jonesy: Jude!
    (Does there special shaking hand thing.)

    They need to be correct spelling and formating, or I'll reject if there's too many mistakes. The names MUST be bolded all the time. This is how you do it:

    < b >Jude:< /b > Dude!
    < b >Jonesy: < /b > Jude!
    (Does there special shaking hand thing.)

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Make sure all the < b > < /b > are NOT TO BE spaced out.

    The "action" must be in ( ). (Jude went to the bathroom.)

    Thank you for your patience!


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