Season 3 Episode 1

Going Underground

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Nov 02, 2005 on TELETOON
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Going Underground
It's the gang's first year anniversary of working at the mall and a lot has changed. After getting dumped by Serena, Wyatt is very upset and takes his anger on her and the customers at "Spin This" and as a result, Serena fires him. Meanwhile Jude isn't cleaning and handling the food at "Stick-it" very well and gets complaints from a customer, causing the place to be shut down. After Jude and Jonesy get rejected from jobs at Taj Mahome video, the coolest video store in the mall, Jude, Jonesy, and Wyatt apply for jobs at "Underground Video", run by the sarcastic, cynical and pessimistic know-it-all Wayne. At first only Jude and Jonesy are hired but after firing Jonesy on the first day on the job, Wayne hires Wyatt instead.moreless

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  • Anniversary!

    This should of been the season finale from last season, cause it would of been a great season finale, and then the next season, everyone would have new jobs, an ex, and missing characters. It would of been perfect, they even reminisce, about all the times at there old jobs. Except Jonesy who always gets fired. It is just a shame that Caitlin had to break up with her boyfriend cause he was a bad kisser, I thought they were going to last. Oh well, they went through a lot together. None the less, this is a very good season opener as well.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jonesy: So much for a fabulous new job in a new year at the mall.
      Jen: At least we all have each other. (Wayne comes in laughing)
      Wayne: (sarcastically) Oh, sorry. Was that touching moment for real?
      (Wayne laughs harder and walks away)

    • Jude: What am I gonna do without Stick-it? I had it so good there. No boss.
      Caitlin: No ugly uniform.
      Nikki: And apparently, no mop.

    • Jonsey: How's my resume look?
      Jude: Your resume is four pages long?
      Jonsey: I've worked at a lot of places.
      Jude: For one day.
      Jonsey: Your point?

    • Jen: A guy would never dump a girl over a little coffee burn and a black eye.
      Caitlin: Yeah, but that's not all I've done. I tripped him in our chemistry class and last night I accidentally opened my car door right onto his...uh...kiwis.
      Jen and Nikki (in unison): Ouch!

    • Caitlin: I felt like a postage stamp!
      (After being kissed by Talon)

  • NOTES (12)

    • The character of Wayne is similar to the character of Noah on Total Drama Island, another Teletoon show. Both characters are cynical, sarcastic and pessimistic know-it-alls who are experts in their different fields, Wayne's field being cinematography and Noah's field being literature.

    • This is the first episode Wayne is in. First he guest stars then becomes a recurring role.

    • Caitlin breaks up with Talon because he was a lousy kisser.

    • Jen mentions that she and the others have been working at the mall for almost a year.

    • Wyatt mentions Monk of the Green Dragon, which was the movie he and Jonsey saw in the episode, Mr. Nice Guy.

    • This episode is mainly focused on the group but more than less, Jude and Wyatt.

    • Caitlin hurts Talon a total of 4 times in this episode.

    • All the boys are out of a job and with no place to go they go to Underground Video.

    • Jonesy's job: Underground Video.
      Reason of firing: Picked Top M-16 as one of his favorite movies.

    • Wyatt gets fired from Spin This for embarrassing Serena and her boyfriend in front of all the people in the store.

    • Jude gets fired from Stick-It for not cleaning and handling the food improperly. In fact, he didn't even realize that cleaning up was his responsibility, and hadn't cleaned Stick-It for the entire year he was working there.

    • Introduction: Wayne, the manager of Underground Video and new boss of Jude and Wyatt. He's usually cranky, arguing with customers over their choice in movies, but is an expert on all things cinematic, especially independent films, which are his passion. He doesn't mind if the guys goof off as long as they do their jobs and don't mess with his taste in movies.


    • Jonesy mentions that his favorite movie of all time (and greatest, in his opinion) is "Top M16", an obvious allusion to "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise. An M16 is a auto/semiautomatic rifle.