Season 1 Episode 10

Idol Time At The Mall

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Jan 09, 2005 on TELETOON
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Idol Time At The Mall
Star Contest comes to the mall, and when Wyatt performs his original song about how awesome his friends are, he wins the regional finals. He gets his big break opening for Utility Pole, but the gang all miss the concert due to unforeseen circumstances (boys, sales, exploiting Wyatt's new fame...). Upset that they all ditched his show, Wyatt rewrites the words to his song at the last minute to reflect his feelings and tells everyone his friends suck. Suddenly the song has a life of its own and is playing all over the mall - and the gang have become pariahs in their own hood. Jonsey takes a job as Wyatt's manager, but gets fired. And Jude tries to instill a new "barter system" in the mall by paying for things with Stick IT Kabobs and Gyros.moreless

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  • Sometimes, solid friends are more important than fleeting fame. :idea:

    Wyatt is a singer who has been honing his craft for 12 years. He's become accomplished at guitar playing and is really good at making music. Now he has a chance to really make a name for himself. When an "American Idol" type show holds auditions at the mall, Wyatt convinces his friends that they should all audition (partially for emotional support and partially to make Wyatt look and sound better in comparison.) Wyatt performs his song about his loyal friends, and he wins the audition and a chance to open for a more popular rock band. What Wyatt wants more than recognition, is for his friends to support him on his first big night. But due to unforeseen circumstances, 4 of Wyatt's friends don't show up within the room where Wyatt is performing, and the 1 who did (Nikki) is sleeping because she had too much coffee to drink earlier. So out of spite, Wyatt changes his song and says that his friends are really bad jerks who have no consideration for Wyatt's feelings. But the insulting version of Wyatt's song soon takes on a life of its own. The nasty song version becomes a big hit with the mall shopping public, and Wyatt quickly becomes the next biggest thing since real life band Simple Plan! :idea: Wyatt's friends also become well-known, but for the wrong reasons! Because of Wyatt's insulting version of his own song, all anyone will consider Wyatt's friends are bad people who are bad for a shop's image and untrustworthy to have as employees. Wyatt is soon confronted by his friends and Wyatt gets forced into making a decision about what he would rather have more. Wyatt decides that he isn't willing to be popular at the expense of the comfort of his friends, so he goes back to performing the nice version of the song, deciding to wait another day for fame. :D This episode rocks! :!: Enough said, true believers! ;)moreless
  • Wyatt takes a fit haha.

    Its a great episode.I even brought it on DVD.I found this one too be pretty funny,its not as funny as some of the other episodes,but its still pretty great.It was more of a emotional episdoe then anything,cause Wyatt makes a song about his friends,and all that them don't show up to the viewing at the Mall idol search contest.So wyatt changes the song so its tells how bad his friends are.Later on everyone in the mall started to treat all the gang like "losers" cause of wyatts's song.Its not one of my favorites but its still a good episode for the series.moreless
  • The Funniest 6teen Episode

    I think all the performers were funny.

    Jonesy was pretty good at the rap but his pants fell off during his rap session,Caitlin's song was kinds based on Britney Spears' "I did it again",Jude's DJ scratch session was kinda ok but his only lyrics we're "du-u-ude",Nikki's friday celebration speech was obviously bad because Wyatt made her drink too much coffee,Jen's was just plain boring,Officer Ron Rent a Cop's was the silliest obviously,he dressed up like a yodeler,he did the weirdest moves,and he still had that "serious" face on.If I were judge I would pick Officer Ron Rent a Cop.moreless
  • Star conest comes to the mall and Wyatt wants his friends to sing to later Wyatt wins and has to do another conest

    Star conest comes to the mall and Wyatt wants his friends to sing to later Wyatt wins and has to do another conest so he ask his friends to come but Catlin and Jen went shopping at Albatross and Finch and Jude didn't bring cash(because of the stick'it cash he was doing) Jonesy didn't see it because he was sell Wyatt's stuff and Nikki sshe was there but was sleeping Wyatt then change the lyrics and sang a mean virson of his friends Then Wyatt had another thing to sing for but this time his friends came and sang the nice verson of his friends.


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