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  • Awesome

  • A Nostalgic Series of the 2000s

    6teen is a terrific series. It brings me back to the mid-2000s were flip phones were popular and Emo/Mall Goth were trendy. The series is about six teens hanging out the mall. All of them have jobs, except for on. As the series progress, they face young adulthood and cope with their problems.

    The plot is simple like most slice of life shows. Each episode focuses on all characters. Sometimes the end is not a happy ending. I like how the series is realistic yet they keep it entertaining. The writing is witty. This series always make me laugh.

    The main teens are Jen, Caitlin, Jonsey, Jude, Wyatt, and Nikki. They all have different personalities and attitudes. Each one of them are relatable and humorous. The recurring characters have strong roles for the series all well as it progresses.

    The theme song is catchy and the music is awesome. The animation is quite unique. It is flash, but it is still good animation. All the characters look different from another.

    6teen is one of the greatest series that Teletoon has to offer. It has a nostalgia atmosphere that make me miss the 2000s.
  • It's alright

    6teen is about these six teens in the mall. good, but don't they have school or any OTHER place to go to.


    Jonesy - I can't STAND him. Matter of fact he's my 2nd least favorite character. he should try to stop flirting with women

    Jude - he's ok. But hey, it's Canada. They can do what they want eh?

    Wyatt - BEST character. and somewhat tolerable.

    Caitlin - UGH!!! I HATE her. All she does is talk about boys, boys, boys and shopping and "The One".

    Nikki - She's alright

    Jen - I can deal with her but NOT her bossiness. I'm guessing her favorite month is September (that's when kids and teens go back to school)

    Plot - sometimes I IT'S JUST THE FRICKEN MALL!

    Animation - It's good but by season 4 it improved over time.

    Design - It's cool.

    Music - much rock music for me...

    Canadians need to step up their what I'm sayin'?

    Score 7/10

    PS: If there was a spin off, have it produced, character/setting design, and animation done by Marathon Media (the guys who did totally spies and the amazing spiez)
  • Used to like this very much...

    But now, not so much.
  • One of the Best Shows Ever

    This show is just perfect, I'm able to relate to the characters even when I wasn't sixteen, it made my day every time.
  • One of my favorite Teletoon shows

    This show was very intresting to watch when they aired it on CN. Too bad all the episodes in the were not shown here. The show is well developed and really seems to give animation a breath of fresh air. Some episodes, I did`nt like but most of them were worth 22 minutes watching. If they made a list of best 100 animated shows ever, this should be on that list.
  • So Many Memories...

    I remember I used to watch this show all the time -- I LOVED IT!!! It's a shame it is not on anymore.
  • Average Show I Really Liked It

    I Loved watching this show it's very good i mean teen aged kids hang out in the mall all day dealing with there daily problems this show was great to me like watching a episode of Zoey 101 i loved it they had know limits cause it was animation I loved this show so much maybe one day I'll find it online so where
  • The best animated TV shows ever watched

    "6teen", "Total Drama", and "Stoked" are the best TV shows in Canada.
  • It was ok...

    So, you got a fashion freak, a skater mcgee, a singer, a tomboy, a horny guy and an emo girl. Their personalities were gross, and 80% of the time it was super cheesy, or the show tried to act mature with their constant use of "crap". I still watch it though, it had a pretty catchy intro song, and that's about it.


    This show was and is one of the best shows ive ever watched. They build up each character so that you feel like you know them yourself. I WISH THEY WOULD BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!
  • If I could choose my friends, these would be the ones!

    I love this show. I've seen every episode, and while the voices suit the characters and their personalities suit their looks *and* voices (incredible!) and the plots of each episode focus on growing up and dealing with life on your own, without your parents holding your hand, which is enjoyable and fun.

    I'll admit, though, that each character represents a stereotype in a BIG, obvious way. Jen is the sporty tomboy, Nikki is the rebel, Jude is the clueless skater, Caitlin is the selfish airhead (and rich and sexy to boot) and Wyatt is the overly-sensitive, shy romantic. Jonesy is the most offensive, though, with his tendencies to think of girls as his playthings and of males as superior.

    I have many fond memories associated with this show and its characters, and I still enjoy watching it whenever I can. I will, too, as long as the episodes are around. I could relate to everyone in the show in some way, and I could definitely relate to the sudden shock of major changes and being left to make life-altering choices all by yourself. Many of the characters learned from bad judgement, but Jonesy didn't. He also tended to generalize and stereotype everyone around him (such as geeks, freaks, losers, or hotties) without ever seeming to realize that he himself is the best definition of: a jerk.

    Overall, the show's fun animation and colors and plots keep me hooked and leave me with no choice but to give it a rating of 10 - but if I was rating the ability to have characters who are not extreme stereotypes, the rating would be lower because she show didn't succeed with that - but hey, without the diversity of these six memorable personalities, the show definitely wouldn't be as much fun!
  • Come on Teletoon, you weren't even trying with this show!

    I normally have no problems with teen shows, but in the case of 6teen, it crosses the line of stupidity and is a very bad TV show with very little redeeming values to it. The show is about 6 teens (get it 6teen har de har har)who work at the mall and get into trouble to. The show's premise did not sound that great, but most shows can make a weak premise be executed into a great one, but in 6teen's case, it's just flat out stupid. The characters are just very generic and stereotypical in this show. Jonsey is your generic lazy and womanizing teenager. Jude is the laid back one who always seems to be high, now to be fair he does give a funny line here and there so kudos to him. Niki is a stereotypical teenage girl who hates life. Catlin is just a spoiled brat and a generic dumb blond girl (thanks for keeping blonds looking dumb Teletoon). Jen is a stereotypical tomboy and looks to be the best in everything. Wyatt is the only one with brains and common sense in the group, but what kills him is the fact that he is always going on and on about a girl he loves named Serena and always seems to be depressed. All the episodes usually revolve around one or two of the teens as they deal with their issues like Jonsey finding a job, or Wyatt's never ending quest to make Serena love him, and Catlin being an idiot and messing things up. In short all the episodes are just not interesting and have no appeal at all. The animation is also one of the few aspects of the show that is tolerable. As a cartoon it flows nicely and smoothly, the artwork looks good, and the colors are just right for this show. The jokes in this show are not that funny, Jude may produce a funny line every once in a while, but it's mostly toilet humor, way to be mature Teletoon. Also some of the voices for the show are very similar to the Total Drama Series, Niki sound slike Gwen, and Jude sounds like Chris. Overall, this show could have been decent enough but bad jokes, stereotypes everywhere, and dumb plots, made 6teen just another bad show on CN, and I am glad it's gone. Pass this show up and go watch Teletoon's more successful show, the Total Drama Series, believe me you aren't missing anything in this show.
  • My 7 year old cousin can do a better childish story than this, and I think I would rather buy that than this garbage.

    True. It's more interesting than this garbage pile.

    Plot: Show focuses about six teens (nice title bro) that dwells around in the mall and do nothing else. All of the episodes always starts and ends at the mall! No other locations can be found! Ok, let's see. Food Court? Parking lot? Yeah, that would do goo- IT'S IN THE MALL TOO? *groans*

    Characters: Generic, boring, simple and bratty. Sure, they may have backstories, but those backstories are forgettable, really short and nothing else, simple in a bad way! Voice acting is below average. Poor dialogues, so-so voices.

    Humor/Drama/Show value: I don't know where this show is getting too, they need to fix the show's way and routes, It's all cluttered up!

    Art: Bad, poor animation movement, below average drawings.

    Overall: -1.3. Good thing this show was canceled by a couple of years.
  • Amazing!

    Awesome show! I have a love/hate realtionship with the episode "bye bye Nikki?" because of the fact that it was the last episode and Nikki left. It was still a great run though. Let me just say, with TV, Canadians RULE!(ok, and hockey - lol)
  • Perfect!

    One of the best shows CN ever did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not that funny, but shows the life of what teens usually would do at the mall.

    Quick review

    Art: 10/10 - Not bad at all.

    Music: 6.5/10 - Needs some work, sometimes it's cliche and uninspiring.

    Character: 7/10 - Cliche people, but shows their personalites (my favs: Jen, Jonesy, Nikki, etc).

    Animation: 9/10 - Good.

    Plot: 5.5/10 - Can get boring, but there are funny moments.

    Presention: 4/10 - Tries to entertain the audience; fails somewhat with cliche music and unecessary scenes.

    Overall: 7/10 - This show might get boring and uninspiring with little or no comedy, but it will bring great characters, good animation, good art, decent music, etc. Recommendation? No. For anyone who can relate to the characters and/or know how to find entertainment in the show? Yes.
  • Great teen show!


    I Loved this show!! Not so much now b/c I'm 22, but when it first came out I was 15. (I'm soo old!) I remember being so excited to turn 16! for a lot of reasons, but also b/c the shows theme song could finally apply to me! This is a good show, I know a lotta people don't acturally have close friends like this, but I do. We all watched the halloween movie one weekend and all gave ourselves characters. I'm Catlyn.

    I loved that Niki & jonesy got together! weird ending. As far as I know, Niki moved away & that's how it ended?
  • This show is AWESOME!!! So why hate it so much?

    I have no idea why people hate this show. IT'S THE BEST! it's like, my favourite show on tv. it's funny and awesome, and it might not be TOOO realistic, but i can't think of another tweens show that's better than this. it might not be for kids, but it can be for teenagers and tweens and i think the show is awesome. how come everyone hates it? why, because it's another tween show that gets teenagers all wrong and they teach about stupid things and not real life stuff? or because the animation is weird or the jokes arn't funny enough? who cares what the animation looks like?? it's not all about the animation, you know. and the characters and awesome and funny. and why does everyone think jude's always on drugs? he's NOT! It's just the way his personalitly is. cool and laid back. and why does everyone think that nikki is so goth and emo and she hates life? for your information, she is PUNK ROCK, and she dosn't hate life, she just hates her job. and it might show rude things like jen naked, and it might have some bad launguge in there, but that just makes the show not for kids. its for kids, i 'd say in my opinion, 11-16 year olds. the thing that really annoys me is people saying that the show is dumb and they hate the characters and the jokes and it's not funny and they should cancel it. ok, so some people have their own opinions. i respect that. but if they judge it when they havn't even watched the first episode, that's so not cool. i hate the people who say that everything about the show is stupid and it's the worst show ever, and they should get a life. and the episodes are sooooo NOT boring. some of them are really funny and awesome, espcially "dude of the living dead". if you hate the show, don't watch it, and don't go saying it's bad just because YOU hate it. lots of people like it, and they don't care what any a hater says.

    overall, it's a funny, awesome, show and the characters are funny and cool and i love the episodes. i loved the show from the very first episode. they should'n't of canceled it. it was proably the most stupidest thing they ever did. oh, and to the haters, stop hating on the show. it's an awesome show and no-one cares what the stupid haters say. 6teen, YOU ARE AWESOME!!
  • CN should've never brought this show back from Nickelodeon


    During the final good years of Nick,they made a show called 6Teen,that I never saw,but it then got moved to CN,and while I used to like this show,I just hate it now. From the creators of Total Drama,comes 6teen,a show about 6 16 year old teenagers who go through life at the mall. And let me say, the TD shows were hilrailious,and great,but this show is not,and they should've left this show canceled. First,the animation looks so stiff. Everyone has bad designs,and look more like characters from a girly internet site. Second,the characters. They all have the perfect word to describe them:stereotypical. Nikki is just a generic emo goth girl,Catlin is just annoying,Jen is idiotic,Jude is a generic troublemaker who is NOT funny,Jonsey is OK,but he's just as stereotypical as the others,and that nerd with a lightsaver is just a pointless character. Wyatt is the only good character of the show,but even can't save the show. Also,there is lack of setting. I mean,99% of the show takes place at the mall,and there are barely any other places shown. The plots are no better at all,and there are some that are just time filter,like zombies at the mall,or a prank war. Overall,6Teen was just a bad show to begin with,and should've never been brought back. CN,stop bringing shows from Canada to your station,or we'll end up with garbage like this. Please,if you want a good Canadian show,watch the Total Drama shows

  • Some parts are good, others...are painful to watch.

    For instance when Nikki became Employee of the Month and became hypnotized. That was halarious, but many things that Jonesy and Jude do are crossing the line between stupid and funny. Which is extremly thin. Like when Jude became a swami or whatever, I couldn't watch. Or anytime Wyatt embarrases himself in front of Serena, it's painful. But I really do like the idea of 6 friends working in one mall together and I think if the writers fine tune it, it will be awesome. and I have to admit that this is from a teenagers point of view. ^_^
  • 6teen one of the best tv shows ever with all the best people in it i wont name them but u will see in my review.

    the best there was 6teen it needs a reward a big one this show is so good that that well its just good a 8.5 good the best and the firs 8.5 that i gave this show changed my life some hwo i think ya it was 6teen that made it all for me the slacer that i am now if it was not for this show i would be passing math na hwo am i kiding i would still faill but not as bad so it is true jude ahs changed me life in to a failure a big failuer but i dint care as long as 6teen keeps going
  • Seriously. Canada can do way better than this. And I mean better.

    Hmmm. I turn on the t.v. Flip to channel 45 (Teletoon). Watch all the seasons and then write a review about it. Apparently this show is an embarrassment to all Canadian shows out there. I mean, the animation so terrible its not funny. The show uses toonboom but now I feel sorry for ever making fun of flash. So heres a quick summary on the charaters.

    Jude:A character who appears to be smoking weed and sniffing crack all the time. Is always saying dude and mellow. Proboly the only character that might actually make you laugh.

    Jen: The brute Tomboy. Always wanting to strive better only to be the annoying one. Nikki: The "punk girl" in the gang. Hates working at a store but does it anyway. She also seems to be a brat because she hates her parents. Out of all the guesses she must be either Japanese or Korean. (Guessing that because an image of the rising sun is on her cell phone)

    Caitlin: The worst of the bunch. She is nothing more than the spoiled stereotype. Everything she sees, she buys it with a credit card. Also a retarded Ditz. For those who don't know what a Ditz is, it's a valley girl who is dumb and has no common sense. This is the character you can't bare to listen to. In a few episodes, she is seen hooking up with a guy then dumping them. Also the hugest feminist in the whole show.

    Jonesy:What appears to be a Hispanic manwhore. He will doing anything just to see a girls something. And I mean it. Somehow this guy manages to get a job anywhere from simply just caniving.

    Wyatt: The only person in this show who has some common sense but no maturity. This guy is still in love with a girl who broke up with him. He loves her to the point of keeping a golden idol of her in his closet. Is quite or else everybody in the 6teen gang will say "Shut up" to him. He accepts being uncool and out of society. He also drinks like 3 cups of coffee a day.

    There also in a mall with like over 600 stores yet it appears to look like any regular mall. The show trys to get past the censors way to much. If they wanted it to be like that then it should be on the detour but a rating of "G" (General audiences)? I remember there was 1 episode were Jonesy kept seeing images of Jen naked and it was shown in the episode. (With censor bars covering the privates.) There are to much adult jokes. Like a Gay cowboy? How weird is that. Also I find it rare to happen in Canada but there is alot of Feminism in the show. It contains alot of plots were someone is saying "Why are guys so..." or "All guys are nothing but idiots."
    They also use profane language in this show. (Saying crap and ass all the time. They come close to saying B*tch or Sh*t. On the Tv entry of this show it says on hiatus but I think its clearly canceled only to be used to promote things. Before I end this review here is what this show really means.

    Nikki: Hey guys. I'm fed up with my job. The malls like the worst place to be in. I'm so tired.

    Caitlin: I just got another boyfriend. This time he listens to me. Too bad not all boys are like that. Hey does anyone wana go shop with me at Albatross and Finch?

    Nikki: Sure but it kills me inside a little.

    Wyatt: You 2 do what you want. Im just gona think of more ways to get Serena to like me. Man... I am such a loser.

    Jude: Dudes I just got mellow after drinking from that huge water fountain. Time to go bust a move on the stairs.

    Jen: You know any girl can do that. In fact I'll try that later.

    Jonesy: I got a job as a store front greeter. But I got fired after I hitted on the managers daughter. That reminds me I have to go find those 5 girls I promised to date.

    So dont watch this show. Its terrible.
  • I can't I like this show like everyone else?

    I can't believe this show is doing well back home (Scottsdale AZ). I think that this show is the worst thing I have ever seen. Now I'm a fan of CatDog, Chalkzone, Yakkity Yak, Martin Mystery, or Shurkien School(All shows which critics back home have said is 'UK answer to..') so it's not a matter of taste. It's just stupid.

    As a fan of good show, I understood when it was TRYING to be funny. But it just wasn't. So it's not a matter of having to be a Canada to find humour in it. If you like to laugh at exaggerated stereotypes combined with toilet humour but without the wit of South Park then you will enjoy this. P.S. if you are offended I'm sorry
  • Another Awful Nelvana Cartoon I reviewed. Almost as Abysmal as Maggie and the Ferocious Beast.

    My 51st review after: "the Littles"

    I knew that Nelvana Started to suck more butt and going down the drain fast and It has been even worser when they made this disgraceful excuse for a Cartoon. This is one of the WORST Nelvana Cartoons EVER MADE! This cartoon has no point to air on Nick. Nelvana must have been on Crack when they thought of this crud! This cartoon Sucked so much!! This cartoon gets an F-! Here the results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 0.0/10.0 Worthless Voice-acting.

    Animation: F-- 0.5/10.0 Terrible Animation drawings but with colorful backgrounds that look like an Art House.

    Graphics: F- 2.0/10.0 AAAHHH!!! My God!! NO!!! Sound: F-- 1.5/10.0 Worse then the Graphics! It has awful sound effects and it's nasty and gross!

    Dialouge: F-- 0.8/10.0 Brainless. Just Brainless. Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 Absolutely None. This cartoon sucks monkey butt.

    Overall: F- 2.1/10.0 Nelvana Did it again. Another Terrible show by Nelvana. They better start making better shows or else Nelvana's Out of business!
  • A comedy story about six friends working in the same mega mall. Their lives, relationship and work.

    Basically this show is about a group of six teenagers (all at the age of 16), who start working in the local mega mall. All have their hopes for their first job, but it turns out you not always get what you want. Those six teens are:
    NIKKI WONG - an Asian who's an individualist. She has earrings "all over her body" and tends to be sarcastic. She likes to make fun of people, but she's a loyal friend
    JONSEY GARCIA - a "playboy" who's never able to keep his job for too long. She's totally into "chicks", but he secretly has a huge crush on Nikki. His advice are often terrible, but he's always ready to do what he can to help a friend.
    JENN MASTERSON - a girl who acts more like a boy: she loves sports and is in a way Jonesy's sister (not biological one). She always gives other people advice, with aren't always good, but she never leaves her friends on ice.
    JUDE LISOWSKI - a skateboarder, who has a laidback attitude. The more he tries to help, the bigger the problem gets, but he's a type of guy who's always there for his friend.
    CAITLIN (she's the only one I couldn't remember the last name) - a rich girl, who's obssessed with shopping. She tends to go out on many dates (and always ends her relationships for stupid reasons), but she's always willing to help her friends (though it not always ends for the best)
    WYATT WILLIAMS - a musician, who's the most matured of the "team". He's a smart guy, who, surprisingly, have very little knowledge about real life.
    Those Six teens go through a series of events that affact their lives as they struggle to find themselves in the adult world.
    The art of this cartoon is rather unique and it may take you a while to get used to it, but the plots are deffinately funny and sometimes circle around important issues of growing up.
    Those who like to laugh should enjoy this one.
  • 6teen is a show about 6 friends going through their daily, normal teen problems. Such as, break ups, jobs, friendships, etc. Doing all of this, while still trying to have fun!

    This show offers more than you'd think at first glance. Many find this show boring and un original, but this is because they do not give it a second chance. They glance at it's (quite low quality as if it's macromedia flash-related) animation and immeadiatly dissaprove of the show. Me, well I loved the show from the start. It's great. Having storylines kids can look forward too, teenagers can relate too, and adults can look back at. The characters are realistic. Reaccting apropriatly towards their problems. The show also has quite good music. My only beef with the show is it's stereotypical views and characters. But overall, I just love tuning in to my favourite show and laughing away at it. It's one of my most favourite shows, and it should be yours too!
  • Cartoon Network needs to bring this show back!

    The show's about six friends who are all sixteen years old (hence the title) and go through everyday situations in their mall. After watching the "The Girls in the Band", I thought the show would be hilarious since Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis created this show, who also created TDI/TDA/TDWT and Stoked. And sure enough, it was! I love all the six main characters, but my most favorite is Jude. He's so cute! He's also really funny! Anyway, this show is perfect for teens and tweens! Also, the theme song is so catchy! Therefore, my grade for 6teen: 10 out of 10!
  • Pretty cool. Sometimes, it got kinda boring. Like when Darth was dating that taco girl, that got on my **** nerves!

    I think this show is great. AWESOME AWESOME! And again, awesome. It's really annoying to write 100 STUPID WORDS. It can be really annoying when we have to do that. Anyways, the main cast is Jen, Jonesy, Catlin (I think), Nikki, Wyatt, and Jude plus Darth and the making out couple, and don't forget Ron The Rent-A-Cop. Or he'll send you to mall jail! Oh noes! My fav episode would have to be Dude Of The Living Dead. It was awesome, but was given bad reviews for 'blood and death'? That is **** Why do that? Stupid FCC...Anyways in Canada you can watch the show on Teletoon and you can watch it on CN in America.
  • just a bunch of teens witth jobs what so good about it

    i dont get why does everyone on tv.com think this show is good? its stupid. the show is about six teenagers who have no live outside of school so they go hang out in a local mall...........epic fail. really ppl cant u see theres some thing wrong with this show just look
    first thing wrong is the show itself is the plot. serisly the show needs a new plot how about a plot were they fight zombies in the mall like mastr cheif or why not make it so they protect it or something? cuz every 6teen plot is mainley this

    katlin:"oh i cant wait for that new supr shoe sale this moth eeeeeeee oh just look at that cute guy does he know i exsist"

    jude:" stoner hahahahah i got an extra toenailhahahaha"

    jhonsey: "i got fierd from my job last week again
    ........... whoa look there a hot chick calling my name"

    niki:man life is sooo negitive man i hate my job

    wyhot:man when will sebrena know ill exsict?.........

    that basicly a 6teen plot. really this show needs a new plot cuz the charicters have seris contraversy and they never change they basicly stay the same through out the whole seris.
    another thing do any of these kids have lives?, they ahng out in a mall everyday. i know alot of teens r found t the mall nowadays but cmon what same person goes there everyday? why not make so they hang out at there neiborhood after school or some thing why a mall?

    another thing i hate about this show the animation
    serisly the animation makes me want to puke my guts out.i mean cmon the charicters look so hideous i always thaught the fairly odd parents had a bad art style but this is just crazy. and every time this show trys to be funy it fails miserble witch is just pitful.

    but really ppl theres nothing good about thiss show i have not gone on one episode without puking my guts out, this stricks me as nothing more but a cartoon version of deggresi and high school musical or evan worse high school musicle...........
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