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  • Come on Teletoon, you weren't even trying with this show!

    I normally have no problems with teen shows, but in the case of 6teen, it crosses the line of stupidity and is a very bad TV show with very little redeeming values to it. The show is about 6 teens (get it 6teen har de har har)who work at the mall and get into trouble to. The show's premise did not sound that great, but most shows can make a weak premise be executed into a great one, but in 6teen's case, it's just flat out stupid. The characters are just very generic and stereotypical in this show. Jonsey is your generic lazy and womanizing teenager. Jude is the laid back one who always seems to be high, now to be fair he does give a funny line here and there so kudos to him. Niki is a stereotypical teenage girl who hates life. Catlin is just a spoiled brat and a generic dumb blond girl (thanks for keeping blonds looking dumb Teletoon). Jen is a stereotypical tomboy and looks to be the best in everything. Wyatt is the only one with brains and common sense in the group, but what kills him is the fact that he is always going on and on about a girl he loves named Serena and always seems to be depressed. All the episodes usually revolve around one or two of the teens as they deal with their issues like Jonsey finding a job, or Wyatt's never ending quest to make Serena love him, and Catlin being an idiot and messing things up. In short all the episodes are just not interesting and have no appeal at all. The animation is also one of the few aspects of the show that is tolerable. As a cartoon it flows nicely and smoothly, the artwork looks good, and the colors are just right for this show. The jokes in this show are not that funny, Jude may produce a funny line every once in a while, but it's mostly toilet humor, way to be mature Teletoon. Also some of the voices for the show are very similar to the Total Drama Series, Niki sound slike Gwen, and Jude sounds like Chris. Overall, this show could have been decent enough but bad jokes, stereotypes everywhere, and dumb plots, made 6teen just another bad show on CN, and I am glad it's gone. Pass this show up and go watch Teletoon's more successful show, the Total Drama Series, believe me you aren't missing anything in this show.