6teen - Season 1

TELETOON (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Cecil B. Delusioned
    Episode 20
    Jonsey's new gig as the production assistant for local cable access isn't moving his new "film career" forward as quickly as possible, so he decides to film his own, "Prank T.V.". And the first victim - Nikki. Caitlin agrees to be an accomplice and convinces her to spend the day with her getting a girlie make-over. Nikki reluctantly agrees and endures her personal nightmare of a day - manicures, waxing, and the ultimate horror - bikini shopping - all to make Caitlin feel better about getting dumped by a guy she wasn't even dating. But what will Nikki do to them when she finds out she's been pranked?moreless
  • The Swami
    Episode 19
    When Jonesy's latest people attraction backfires, he enlists Jude's help and things turn out better than they should. Jude becomes loved by all at the mall and Jonesy starts to get filthy rich. Meanwhile, Caitlin has a date coming up and she plans to use some of Jude's advice to help her date go well. Will Jude's advice work, though?moreless
  • Bring It On
    Episode 18
    When Jonsey starts working at The Penalty Box and doing a much better job at sales than Jen, Jen is furious. The two start competing for commissions and the customers become the spoils of war. The competition extends to their personal lives when Jonsey makes a comment at lunch about how "guys are just naturally better at some things" and Nikki, Jen and Caitlin take offense. Soon the lines between the sexes are drawn and an all out all-over-the-mall battle of the sexes begins, culminating in the ultimate dare of a lifetime. Meanwhile, Jude starts a Dude Daycare at The Mall and ends up with more kids – and trouble – than he can handle. Will the guys have to ask the girls for help after all?moreless
  • 4/17/05
    Wyatt has taken Serena out on a few dates now, but their "relationship" is yet to be defined, and Wyatt finally gets up the courage to ask her if she'd like to be his girlfriend. Serena tells Wyatt she thinks she's a little too "mature" for him, being one year older and all, and Wyatt is crushed until Jonesy convinces Serena that younger guys are puppies – "easily trainable". Wyatt takes Serena on what Caitlin assures him is a "mature" date, but it ends up backfiring on him big time. Meanwhile, Caitlin's dream of being part of the Albatross and Finch family looks like it just might come true. The usually ‘legacies only' stores is holding an open audition for new Greeter Gods and goddesses and Caitlin has got her snobby stares to perfection. But her dreams of getting out of them lemon for good are shattered when the A&F crew choose Jonesy instead. Caitlin learns through Jonesy's experience that working at A&F isn't all the catalogues crack it up to be…moreless
  • The Khaki Girl
    Episode 16
    Every year a "real girl" is chosen in a contest to represent The Khaki Barn and win a free wardrobe. This year, Caitlin's a shoe-in for Khaki Girl, but her longtime "frienemy" Tricia is NOT about to let that happen so she enters too. When the contest comes to an end, the Khaki Barn rep. cannot choose between Caitlin and Tricia and Tricia challenges Caitlin to a shop off, winner takes all, so of course Caitlin accepts. It looks like Caitlin is about to win, but Tricia trips her as she's swapping bags and Caitlin is disqualified. While that is happening, Jonesy is running a new food booth in the food court called "Roast Burky Chunklets" and with help from Jude, Jonesy forgets to refrigerate the meat, and everybody except Caitlin experiences food poisoning, including Tricia. Because of this, Caitlin is crowned the new Khaki Girl.moreless
  • Stupid Over Cupid
    Episode 15
    Wyatt asks Serena out for Valentines Day and makes tons of traditionally romantic plans for the big night - flowers, candy, reservations - the works,. But when he overhears Serena talking about how cheesy Valentine's Day is, Wyatt panics and cancels all his plans. Caitlin and Jen convince him that this is in fact a mistake of gargantuan proportions and that Serena's feelings will be hurt if he plays it too cool on this holiest of girl holidays. So with mere hours to go, Wyatt searches high and low to find the perfect gifts for his crush, Meanwhile., Jonsey ventures waaaay out on a limb and asks Nikki out a date - but Nikki turns him down because she doesn't do Valentines Day dates anymore. Her Valentine's Day Date Embargo stems from some very bad experiences in years past and she's not about to risk another bad date. Nikki tries to convince Jen and Caitlin, who are searching frantically for dates, that they don't need a guy to have fun on Feb. 14th, but the girls try to find some anyway. Their scrambling gives Jonsey a GREAT idea - he erects the "Win a Dream Date with Jonsey" booth and lets women bid on the privilege of going on a Valentine's Day dream date with him. His foolproof plan to score big bucks backfires, however, when some unexpected people start to place bids...moreless
  • Clonesy
    Episode 14
    OK, So Nikki and Jonesy have had a Love-hate relationship since the beginning of the show, and Jude talks to Jonesy to ask if he actually LIKES Nikki. And so Jonesy admits that he likes Nikki. So Jen and Caitlin overhear this and try to stop their date, because if they get in a fight, they'll, of course, have to take sides. So they come up with a plan to stop their relationship from going too far by telling Nikki that Jonesy is looking for a babysitter to look after his bratty little sibling. So when Jonesy tries to ask Nikki out, She gives him a flat out no. Eventually the spills out when Nikki comments to Jonesy how much of a jerk he was being for asking her to babysit.They go to the movies, and Wyatt, Caitlin and Jen interrupt. So they leave the movie.Meanwhile, Jude borrows this highly concentrated lotion from Jen,which pretty much paralyzes him, and he shows up on the date, when Jonesy and Nikki are about to KISS, and they end up having to help Jude. So in the end, Nikki and Jonesy are just friendsmoreless
  • 2/27/05
    Jen and Caitlins favorite band band comes to the mall and when they get Nikki to come with them, Nikki gets the part, Jen becomes mad.
  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Episode 12
    Wyatt is so nice all the time, so when Jonsey gets him stuck with a double-date, both females are attracted to Wyatt. Jonsey is fed up, and pledges to be as nice as Wyatt. Meanwhile, Catlin tries to help Jude get in touch with his feminine side. Everything works out in the end...sort of....moreless
  • The Fake Date
    Episode 11
    The Penalty Box staff party is coming up and Jen has a crush a new worker. When she fails to get his attentions, Jen turns to her friends for help. The plan? Jen'll find a person to be her date other than the new worker to make him jealous. And it turned out her date would be... Jude! Mean while, Nikki and Jonesy go to a movie together to learn a line from it. However, later on, they get trapped in an elevator.moreless
  • 1/9/05
    Star Contest comes to the mall, and when Wyatt performs his original song about how awesome his friends are, he wins the regional finals. He gets his big break opening for Utility Pole, but the gang all miss the concert due to unforeseen circumstances (boys, sales, exploiting Wyatt's new fame...). Upset that they all ditched his show, Wyatt rewrites the words to his song at the last minute to reflect his feelings and tells everyone his friends suck. Suddenly the song has a life of its own and is playing all over the mall - and the gang have become pariahs in their own hood. Jonsey takes a job as Wyatt's manager, but gets fired. And Jude tries to instill a new "barter system" in the mall by paying for things with Stick IT Kabobs and Gyros.moreless
  • 1/2/05
    Nikki's manager of the Khaki Store is feed up with her attitude, so thanks to a suggestion from Jonsey, she uses reverse psychology on Nikki and made her become Employee of the Month. And Jonesy is taking a job as a 'Secret Shopper' in order to get free stuff every time he inspects a store.moreless
  • 12/26/04
    Jen falls instantly in love with Coach Halder's son Corey, who has just started working at The Penalty Box. She goes on a date with him, only to find that's he's horrifyingly similar to his dad. Yuck! She's got to get out of this - and fast. But Corey seems to be in love with her... and her friends warm her that she can't break up with him or she might lose her job. You can't dump the boss's son!!!! But maybe if Jen is the WORST date in the world, she can convince Corey to dump HER... Meanwhile, Jonsey destroys a receiver in Stereo Shack and agrees to work the damages. Unfortunately, the manager is a hard core Star Wars fan named Darth who Jonsey used to torture in middle school... and now Darth can taste the revenge. Jonsey gets humiliated… then fired.moreless
  • 12/19/04
    Jen is shocked when the gang reveals that they all "skim little" off the top at work. A free drink here, free demo CD there... aren't they terrified that they'll get fired? But then Jen sees how incredible the new Leon Shreds boarding jacket at the Penalty Box looks on her. It's so hot that she scores a date with a guy who's never noticed her until she slipped that jacket on, but it's way out of her price range. When Coach throws her into the penalty box - again - Jen finally snaps and swipes the goods. She's feeling pretty hot until the jacket is discovered missing. Jen is terrified - she's got to get it back before they figure out who took it. Jude falls in love with a talking massage lounger and is convinced he's found his soul mate. Can the others convince him "Betty" is just a chair? Oh, yeah, and Jonsey gets fired.moreless
  • 12/12/04
    When Jen finally gets Caitlin a date with Kyle, the hot guy she's been crushing on, Caitlin has GOT to find the "perfect outfit". He always sees her in her dorky lemon hat - she wants to look extra-not-dorky tonight. After a desperate search for the perfect dress, Caitlin's ready to be the perfect potential girlfriend for this perfect date... but the "perfect evening" doesn't go quite as planned. Caitlin barfs sushi all over the dress, her date, Jonsey and Wyatt... and Jonsey gets fired. Meanwhile, Nikki gets her big chance to manage the Khaki barn for a day... and learns that the power trip over the clones (as fun as it was) just isn't worth losing your soul.moreless
  • Deck the Mall
    Episode 5
    Christmas at the mall sucks: Line ups, impatient customers, and last-minute shopping is enough to drive anyone crazy. Caitlin tries to get the rest of the gang into the Christmas spirit and plans a Chris Cringle gift exchange. The gang is way too wiped out by the X-mas rush to get into the mood, and eventually Caitlin herself gives up. When Jonesy(who gets fired from his elf gig in Santa's Village) gets them all locked inside the mall after closing, the gang discover the true meaning of Christmas at the mall.moreless
  • A Lime to Party
    Episode 4
    Jonesy opens a new juice stand, "The Party Lime" and it threatens to put "The Big Squeeze" out of business.
  • 11/21/04
    Jen's going for her driver license and Jude, the only one with a valid permit to drive, is giving her some tips. At first she's timid, she's worse than an old lady driver...but after training at the virtual driving game in the arcade, Jen's a lean, mean, driving machine. After Wyatt loses his lucky jacket, he's convinced he's doomed to a life of bad luck. Caitlin has set out to prove to him that luck has nothing to do with your successes in life...or does it? Ask Jonsey...who just got fired again.moreless
  • The Big Sickie
    The Big Sickie
    Episode 2
    Work pressures are getting to the gang and everyone is dying for a day off. After scoring a job at the mall's indoor amusement park, Jonesy comes up with way to get rid of all their blues - he can get them all in for free! They start planning their excuses so they can get a day off and hang out at the amusement park all day long. One problem: work-a-holic Jen (the one who needs a day off more than anyone) doesn't want to risk losing her job. So the rest of the gang put their plans in motion to break Jen out of The Penalty Box. Nikki and Caitlin become friends, and Jen manages getting caught with only probation - Jonesy ends up getting fired.moreless
  • 11/7/04
    It's the summer they've been waiting for! No more begging for allowance-Jonesy, Nikki, Jude, Jen and Wyatt are all applying for part time jobs. Jen is totally prepared for her interview at The Penalty Box and sails through, but the others do horribly,including Caitlin, the most spoiled girl in school who is forced to get a job after maxing out daddy's credit cards.moreless
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