6teen - Season 3

TELETOON (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Snow Job
    Episode 27
    The biggest snowstorm of the year means one thing for our gang - SNOW DAY! And with only 3 days before the biggest dance of the year, the gang use the time to work out important issues at the mall. Like will Jonesy finally ask Nikki to the dance? Will Wyatt and Caitlin score their dream dates, or humiliate themselves trying? And how will Jude live after Ron the Rent-a-cop bans him from the mall - FOREVER?moreless
  • Girlie Boys
    Episode 26
    A new spa appeals to Jonesy on a quick trip, realizing that here's the place where he can pick up chicks, so he goes back, but how long will his new job suit him? Meanwhile, Caitlin gets a job at Chocoholics Anonymous so she can save up for a pair of Jeans she likes while Jude challenges a skater rival when the dude won't stop calling him 'bra'.moreless
  • Spring Fling
    Episode 25

    Nikki enters to become Prom Queen and Tricia flirts with Jonesy and the 6teen gang finds out what they have been doing and a girl named Bryanna becomes Wyatt's new girlfriend. Jen wants to prove her wrong.

  • A Crime of Fashion
    Episode 24
    When Tricia overhears Caitlin gossiping about her in the changing rooms at a clothing store, she plants an expensive item in Caitlin's bag and Caitlin is arrested by mall security for shoplifting. Meanwhile, Jonesy scores a date with hot French foreign exchange student Amelie, but has to take his little brother Robbie along. And Jude discovers that a new series of mannequins that look like him are popping up all over the mail.moreless
  • Over Exposed
    Episode 23
    When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked and can't get the image out of his head, Jen considers going into hiding. But Jen's favorite movie star will be attending the Soft Rock Cafe's opening night VIP party, and new employee Jonesy has passes for everyone, so Caitlin convinces Jen to rejoin society with a little sweet revenge. Meanwhile, Emily the head Clone leaves the Khaki Barn for a job at the Soft Rock and Nikki finds herself in charge of both the Barn and the two Remainder Clones, who eagerly morph into Nikki Clones. And Jude becomes addicted to Burger McFlipster's Ragin' Cajun Fries, with disgusting results.moreless
  • Dirty Work
    Episode 22
    When Jude needs help breaking up with his girlfriend, Jonesy turns out to be so good at this dirty work that he starts his own business, breaking bad news on behalf of someone else. Meanwhile, Jen loses her keys and must face up to the dreaded Escalator Girls to recover them, and Caitlin acquires an expensive makeup kit.moreless
  • Smarten Up
    Episode 21
    Caitlin meets a cute college guy. She pretends to be in college so that she could date him. When he wants to meet her friends, Caitlin begs the gang to pretend to be in college as well. On another topic: Jude develops an addiction to coffee when he tries to win something from the bottom of a coffee cup.moreless
  • Jonesy's Low Mojo
    Episode 20
    Nikki meets a great guy named Stone at the Grind Me coffee shop. When Caitlin and Jen finally hear of Nikki's new guy, they go boy-crazy, and in order to avoid all the boy-craziness, Nikki lies to Jen and Caitlin about her evening plans. But will Caitlin and Jen take a hint? Meanwhile, Jonesy has been the champion at the arcade for as long as him and the rest of the gang can remember but he gets walloped by a 12 year-old and is totally humiliated. Will he ever move on?moreless
  • Lords of Mall Town
    Episode 19
    Jude teaches Wyatt how to skateboard and Caitlin meets a new guy and Jen is forced to be with her for a double date and Jonesy goes in disguise while working as a janitor.
  • 2/5/06
    As the wedding between Jonesy's Dad and Jen's Mom approaches, it's all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing. When Grind Me gets double booked for their Mom's wedding shower AND Jonesy's Dad's Stag, all heck breaks loose! The parents are finally forced to make a decision to postpone their wedding until the children are grown and out of the house. Can the kids and their parents work things out?moreless
  • 1/29/06
    Jude meets a girl in Australia over a pay phone and Jude makes it his goal to continue communicating with her over a busted pay phone that lets her call for free! But when the calls start to complicate his life, can the gang help him get back to his normal self. Meanwhile, Jen has to endure a lot at work while Coach Halder and his son use Jen as target practice for an upcoming paintball competition.moreless
  • Lights Out
    Episode 16
    Star goes gothic, and Jude becomes one, and the gang makes a bet with the girls to see if they can stand a horror flick.
  • The Hunted
    Episode 15
    Nikki has a new crush but is too shy to ask him out. So Caitlin tries to talk to him but ends up liking him too and even agrees to go out with him. When Nikki finds out she plots to get revenge on Caitlin until they discover that Hunter's going out with other girls in the mall as well.moreless
  • Waiting to Ex-sale
    Episode 14
    Caitlin and Jen go to a "once in a lifetime" sale at Albatross & Finch where Caitlin meets a cute guy while waiting in line to get in. They go through the all the stages of a relationship: flirting, dating, commitment and finally the breakup. A blood donor clinic is set up in the mall and the rest of the gang all give blood, except for Jonesy who is terrified of blood and even more terrified to admit. Jude, however, has no problem and gives blood several times, each time wearing a different disguise, just to get the free donut that comes with the donation.moreless
  • Midnight Madness
    Episode 13
    Everyone at the mall is getting ready for new years, and Jen plans a party.
  • 12/29/05
    Caitlin cheats on her hair dresser when a famous hairstylist comes to the mall, only this turns out to be a big mistake. While trying to avoid her new boyfriend, Joe, so he won't see her hideous hair, he thinks SHE cheated on HIM. Taj Mahome Video buys Underground Video, to the horror of the guys who are now expected to wear costumes and sing ridiculous songs. Wayne hires Jonesy to do what he does best, help run the store into the ground. They work to make it the least profitable store in the mall, so that Taj Mahome will ditch Underground to protect their bottom line.moreless
  • The New Guy
    Episode 11
    Ron Rent-A-Cop has hired a new guy for his job, and the gang uses the opportunity to put Ron into an early retirement. But, can the gang go on without Ron?
  • 12/27/05
    Nikki finds out that one of the Clones is in a secret Jedi club, and Nikki tells the whole gang, and Jonesy ends up spilling the beans, which causes the clones to fire Nikki.
  • Two Four One
    Episode 9
    Caitlin's life is turned upside-down when she meets not one, but two perfect guys. Handsome Vince seems like the ideal catch: tall, dark, and seriously cool, a young George Clooney in perfectly tailored packaging. But then there's sweet Blake, the incurable romantic and impoverished artist with floppy bangs, British charm and puppy dog eyes. Both are falling for Caitlin, and either would be an ideal boyfriend. The choice is impossible! So Caitlin decides to take Jonesy's advice and date both guys - until things go from romantic to frantic! Meanwhile, Jude discovers a crusty old memento from his days at 'Stick It' and decides to swap it online, with unexpected results. And Wyatt nearly loses it when he's forced to work with an incredibly annoying retired couple he nicknames 'the Bickersons'.moreless
  • Losing Your Lemon
    Episode 9
    Caitlin gets her credit card back, and leaves the Lemon for good.
  • 12/18/05
    It's Christmas time again in the mall, and everyone it getting ready for the holidays. Nikki is supposed to go away with her parents, and Jonesy's new job has him wrapping gifts.
  • Pillow Talk
    Episode 7
    Caitlin once again has a new boyfriend named "Dustin". Caitlin decides to get the gang to tell each other their deepest darkest secrets. But, when a magician calls Dustin up at a magic show, he spills the beans on all of the gang's deep dark secrets! Will the gang ever forgive Caitlin?moreless
  • 12/7/05
    So Jonesy and Nikki have been kinda dating for three months now and it's been going along great. Unfortunately according to their friends three months is a really BIG deal and say they should buy gifts for each other. But after much scrambling and confusion they end up getting each other the wrong one. Meanwhile Caitlin finally gets the attention of the guy she likes who happens to be her worst enemy Tricia's ex-boyfriend. While trying to stop Tricia from ruining her date Caitlin's crush starts to think that this isn't worth it. In the end Nikki decides that for now she and Jonesy are better off as friends and Caitlin once again has no boyfriend.moreless
  • 11/30/05
    Wyatt STILL can't get Serena out of his head, and decides to get back together again...but how? Wayne says he can do by making him and Serena watch a video, and they do, but gets rejected, and later finds out it was the wrong tape.
  • Fish and Make Up
    Episode 4
    Caitlin and Nikki get into a fight, and said they'll never be friends again. Jude gets a pet fish, and kind of treats him badly, and the fish dies. At the end Caitlin and Nikki become friends again during the funeral for Jude's fish.
  • Career Day
    Episode 3
    Jonesy gives out everyones Career Tests back, and Jude accidentally switches Nikki's with Caitlin's.
  • 11/9/05
    Wyatt is still mad about Serena, and he eases his pain by going to a poet society. He is afraid that his friends will laugh at him if they find out.
  • Going Underground
    Episode 1
    It's the gang's first year anniversary of working at the mall and a lot has changed. After getting dumped by Serena, Wyatt is very upset and takes his anger on her and the customers at "Spin This" and as a result, Serena fires him. Meanwhile Jude isn't cleaning and handling the food at "Stick-it" very well and gets complaints from a customer, causing the place to be shut down. After Jude and Jonesy get rejected from jobs at Taj Mahome video, the coolest video store in the mall, Jude, Jonesy, and Wyatt apply for jobs at "Underground Video", run by the sarcastic, cynical and pessimistic know-it-all Wayne. At first only Jude and Jonesy are hired but after firing Jonesy on the first day on the job, Wayne hires Wyatt instead.moreless