6teen - Season 4

TELETOON (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Life Slaver
    Episode 26
    After Caitlin saves Darth from a bully, he starts to follow her every where until he saves her life. Now Caitlin tries to fake a near-death experience so Darth will leave her alone. Meanwhile, Jen receives a chain letter on her e-mail account and ignores it until she starts having the worst luck ever. Also, Jude and Jonsey find a box of old mall security tapes and watch as they see one kid pull a bunch of huge pranks. Jonsey starts to idolize the kid, but then is horrified when he finds out that the kid is his arch-rival; Ron the rent-a-cop.moreless
  • Date and Switch
    Episode 25
    Jonsey bumps into Marlowe who tells him that she's going to break up with Wyatt. Jonsey voulenteers to tell it for her, but he doesn't know how to do it without hurting Wyatt's feelings. Meanwhile, Caitlin accidently writes down her phone number on her Khaki Barn gift card and hands it to a guy she met at a party. After she finds out what she did, Caitlin goes on a frantic search to find the guy and get her card back.moreless
  • Mr. and Mr. Perfect
    Episode 24
    Jen tries to find a guy to be her date at her cousin's wedding so she won't get stuck eating at the kid's table. Jonsey and Nikki pick a perfect guy for her while Caitlin picks another perfect guy. Jen chooses Jonsey and Nikki's pick which makes Caitlin mad. Now, Jonsey, Nikki and Caitlin have an all out war on which guy Jen should bring with her. Meanwhile, Ron asks Wyatt to teach him how to play the guitar so he can impress a woman he likes.moreless
  • Opposites Attack
    Episode 23
    Jonsey gets a job at a travel angency and starts hanging out a lot more with his co-worker, Joanie, who is sort of like a female verison of Jonsey. Nikki notices this and starts thinking that Jonsey likes Joanie more than her and fears that she might get dumped. Meanwhile, Jude gets a job at The Penalty Box with Jen and teaches Coach Halder how to mellow out.moreless
  • Cheapskates
    Episode 22
    Jen starts dating Gryphon, a guy who just started working at The Penilty Box, but the others realize that he's a total cheapskate and makes Jen pay for everything. But Jen is so blinded by how great Gryphon is she doesn't see it. Meanwhile, Caitlin learns how to speak Spanish when she falls in love with a guy who she believes only speaks the one language.moreless
  • The Fake Date
    The Fake Date
    Episode 21
  • Woah, Baby!
    Episode 21
    When Jen finds out that her mom is pregnant, she prays that it will be a girl because she can't stand being with three boys. Meanwhile, Caitlin buys herself a water bra to impress a guy she likes who she believes likes big boobs.
  • Fashion Victims
    Episode 20
    Jonsey gets hired to be a Cool Hunter, where he goes around looking for what type of trends are cool. When he notices that everyone in the mall wears the same stuff, he tries to create new trends using the clothes found in the donation bins that Jen has put all over the mall and he uses his friends as the models.moreless
  • Cecil B. Delusioned
    Cecil B. Delusioned
    Episode 19
  • Double Date
    Episode 19
    Jonsey and Nikki win tickets to see a very popular sci-fi movie, but they get stuck in the same theatre with Darth and Julie. Jonsey starts to like Darth and helps him sell pirated DVDs of the movie and Nikki starts driving Julie crazy because she won't stop talking. Meanwhile, Jen and Caitlin team up with a bunch of other girls to get revenge on all the boys they went out with that turned out to be total jerks.moreless
  • Breaking up With the Boss's Son
  • 2/24/08
    Caitlin feels a bit depressed because of a big cold sore that has appeared on her lip. Jude tries to cheer her up by taking her out to some of his favourite hang outs. But then Wyatt and Nikki see the two together and think that they're out on a date. Also, Jen gets the staring role in a movie that's being filmed in the mall and she lets all the fame go to her head.moreless
  • The Sushi Connection
  • Love At Worst Sight
    Episode 17
    Wyatt is horrified when he finds out that Marlowe got a job at Spin This with his ex-girlfriend Serena. Now Wyatt tries everything he can to make sure they don't become friends. Meanwhile, Jonsey gets a job as an eye doctor and makes a blurry eye chart so he can sell a few pairs of glasses.moreless
  • A Lime to Party
    A Lime to Party
    Episode 16
  • Bicker me not
    Episode 16
    When Jonsey accidently causes an old couple to break up, the gang try to get them back together. The girls give the wife a makeover and Jude starts thinking that the couple might be his grandparents.
  • The Girls in the Band
  • Idol Time at the Mall
  • The Slow and the Even Tempered
  • J is for Genius
    Episode 15
    Jonsey and Nikki go up against each other in an IQ test and to everyone's surprise, Jonsey is declared a genius. But then Nikki finds out that Jonsey cheated and now she wants to make him pay. Meanwhile, Jen starts to bond with Jane, the substitute manager at The Penlty Box.moreless
  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy
    Episode 14
  • Employee of the Month
  • The Big Sickie
    The Big Sickie
    Episode 14
  • All Pets Are Off
    Episode 14
    Caitlin buys herself a little pet ferret so she can impress a guy she likes who happens to be an animal lover. But then the ferret becomes loose in the mall and it's up to Caitlin and her friends to find it. Meanwhile, Jude gets stuck in the air vents while trying to find his lucky coinmoreless
  • Insert Name Here
    Episode 13
    During a date, Wyatt accidently calls Marlowe, Serena, the name of his ex-girlfriend. Caitlin tries to help by making Wyatt get rid of all the stuff that reminds him of Serena and try not to say her name in front of Marlowe. But Wyatt finds it hard to do and starts thinking that he might still have feelings for Serena.moreless
  • 12/17/07
    It's Christmas time at the mall and everything has turned to chaos. Ron keeps removing all the Christmas decorations in the mall and Jen and Wyatt collect gifts for the needy and Jen can't help but open some of them. Also, Nikki's mom tries to convince her to dump Jonsey because she doesn't think he's the right boyfriend for her.moreless
  • 11/28/07
    Nikki is planning to buy a new pair of skates for Jonsey, so she tries to be nicer and flirts with customers at the Khaki Barn so she'll make more money. However, Jonsey hears about it from his cell phone when Nikki accidentally turns it on and he gets the wrong message and he thinks that Nikki is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Wyatt realizes that he's good at making great songs when he's humiliated and he makes his friends do rotten stuff to him.moreless
  • 11/25/07
    Jonsey pretends to be the newest employee for the mall's bank and he starts giving people a lot of loans. Meanwhile, Nikki tries to get revenge on the clones for putting an ugly photo of her in the newspaper and Jen tries to earn money so she can go on a ski trip.moreless
  • 2-4-1
    Episode 9
    Caitlin falls in love with two different guys and decides to date both of them because she can't decide which one is the best. But she gets in trouble when she has a date with both guys on the same date and at the same place. Meanwhile, Wyatt has to deal with a grouchy old couple who have started working at Burger McFlipsters and Jude gets addicted to Internet auctions.moreless
  • Wrestlemania
    Episode 8
    Jen is so excited when Coach Halder makes her the assistant manager at The Penalty Box. But then she accidently orders a thousand stocks of wrestling equipment. Jonsey tries to help out by starting his own wrestling matches in the store so people will buy the equipment. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to help Nikki coupe after she has a talk with her ex-boyfriend, Stone.moreless
  • Prank'd
    Episode 7
    Jen is fed up with Jonsey pulling pranks on her, so she tries to get revenge by pulling a few pranks of her own. Now it's an all out war, as Jen and Jonsey pull different pranks on each other. In the end, Wyatt helps Jen pull the biggest prank on Jonsey by making him believe that he's won the lottery.moreless
  • The New Jonsey
    Episode 6
    Jen starts dating a guy named Smithy. The others notice that he looks and acts just like Jonsey, but Jen doesn't believe them, until she gets a closer look at Smithy. Meanwhile, Jude races his Zamboni against Ron's cart around the mall to see which vehicle is the best.
  • Silent Butt Deadly
    Episode 5
    Jonsey and Nikki watch a romantic film at Jonsey's house. While there, Nikki accidently clogs up the toilet and is totally embarrassed, while Jonsey is totally freaked out. After the incident, the two have trouble speaking to each other and they have to figure out a way to make everything right. Meanwhile, Jude starts dating a high school senior who wants to keep their relationship a secret and Jude's friends try to tell him that it's not right.moreless
  • The Journal
    Episode 4
    While working at the mall's lost and found department, Jonsey stumbles onto Jen's diary and takes a little peak at it. The others catch him looking at it and they go off to return it to Jen, only to look at it themselves and read some of Jen's most embarrassing secrets. When Jen sees them reading her diary, she runs off and hides in her room knowing that she's now a laughing stock. Her friends feel awful for what they did so they try to set things right.moreless
  • 9/17/07
    Wyatt signs a contract to create a new jingle for Burger McFlipsters. But after he finishes it, he finds out that the man who gave him the contract changed the song and also has big changes planned for Burger McFlipsters. Meanwhile, Caitlin starts dating a guy who blows all of his money on stuff for her and Caitlin totally takes advantage of it.moreless
  • Baby, You Stink
    Episode 2
    Jonesy challenges Jude and Wyatt to a "Man-Off", where they have to go through a whole week without showering or bathing to see which one of them has the best manly smell. Problem is, they smell so bad that nobody will come near them. Meanwhile, Caitlin takes her new boyfriend Benj into a baby maker booth, which is a photo booth that takes a picture of the couple and shows them what their baby will look like. But Caitlin is horrified when she sees that her baby is hideous. Now she keeps going into the booth over and over again with a different guy until she gets a photo of a beautiful baby.moreless
  • Sweet 6teen
    Episode 1
    It's Caitlin's 16th birthday and she plans to throw a sweet sixteen party. Her former friend, Trica, hears Caitlin talking about it and tells her that she wants to be part of it and Caitlin lets her. But then, Caitlin finds out that Trica stole all her ideas and throws it as her own party. Caitlin becomes very upset and it's now up to her friends to cheer her up by creating their own party for her.moreless