Season 4 Episode 5

Silent Butt Deadly

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Oct 14, 2007 on TELETOON

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  • Jonesy and nikki want some "alone time" so they watch a movie that wade picks out for them, Then Nikki clogs the toilet.

    This show is the newest and funnest I think. The show starts when the guys are all in the washroom in the mall. Wyatt is washing his hands, Jude, and Jonsey are in the stalls. Jonsey walks out and heads 4 the door and Wyatt asks "arn't you going to wash your hands?" Jonsey says "No because I never peed on my hands Wyatt. So the question is why are you washing yours?" Then he yells out, outside the washroom "Wyatt peed on his hands". Then it goes to the lemon and Wyatt runs in and says "Dont listen to them I never peed on my hands". Then it goes to the theme song. Then Jonsey and Nikki are on a date and the rest of the gang come in to the movie and they get kicked out. Then they go to wonder taco and leve when the gang finds them.
    The next day wade picks out a "chick flick" 4 them to watch at Jonsey/Jen's house. When they get there Nikki has to "go". Any way the door came open, So she got up and flushed the toilet but the toilet paper all went down and cloged the toilet. She closed the door and phoned Jen, Jen passed her to Caitlin and Caitlin told her to get some beauty products so when she came out she would look great! Anyway long story made short the toilet overfloed and Nikki and ran home. Then Nikki is really embarrassed so to make up for it Jonsey runs in to the Barn and kissed her, then burped.

    Jonsey: i'm gross all the time. I can deal with you being gross once.
    Nikki: Thanks

    Anyway the show end w/Jude braking up w/his secret girlfriend.