Season 4 Episode 5

Silent Butt Deadly

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Oct 14, 2007 on TELETOON



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    • Jonesy: What if Wayne's right? What if I can't go back?
      Jen: Since when do you take relationship advice from I've-never-been-on-a-date Wayne?!
      Wayne: (Yelling from Underground Video) I was on a date once! it just didn't go so well!

    • Jonesy: I wanna rent something for the woman. You know, something she'd like.
      Wayne: Well, how about "Tears On My Untaimed Heart at Sunrise"?
      Jonesy: Is it any good?
      Wayne: I haven't seen it! It's for chicks.
      Jonesy: OK, what's it about?
      Wayne: A guy meets this girl on a train and falls in love with her or something. But he's too shy and she gets off the train before he can confess his feelings. Then he finds her diary and reads all about her life and how lonely she is. Just...like...him! And the last page of the diary is all about how she didn't have the courgae to talk to this guy across from her on the train! HIM! HIM! SHE LOVES HIM BACK! And then he knows he has to find her now, because the TIME IS RUNNING OUT! SEE?
      Jonesy: Are you sure you haven't seen this movie?

    • Jonesy: So my good man, what movie do you reccomend.
      Wayne: "Rabid Albino Vampires"
      Jonesy: What's it about?
      Wayne: Rabid...albino...vampires.

    • Nikki: Admit it, it was you who always wanted me.
      Jonsey: Sure, that's why I dated all those other chicks.
      Nikki: Yeah, I saw them and I think they were a cry for help.

    • Jonsey: I'm gross all the time. I can deal with you being gross once.
      Nikki: Thanks

    • Wyatt (washing his hands): Arn't you going to wash your hands?
      Jonsey: No, 'cause I never peed on my hands Wyatt. So the question is why are you?
      Jude (walking out of the stall): Gross dude!
      (Jonsey walks out of the bathroom and shouts out that Wyatt peed on his hands.)

    • Nikki (On the phone with Jen): Lets just put it this way Elvis has not left the buliding!

    • (outside the movie place)
      Nikki: Congrats Casita nova this was suposed to be a date!

    • Nikki (talking on the phone): Jonsey I got to go...not go, go, umm we got lots of customers.

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