Season 1 Episode 13

The Girls in the Band

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Feb 27, 2005 on TELETOON
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The Girls in the Band
Jen and Caitlins favorite band band comes to the mall and when they get Nikki to come with them, Nikki gets the part, Jen becomes mad.

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  • Nikki?

    Well this turns out to be a normal high school kind of episodes. Friends against friends, that sort of thing. But when we find out that Nikki is a boy band fanatic!? Wow, I did not see that coming, she always seemed more in to rock and stuff, now I know she is just another one of the girls. I like how she tried out for the music video and was good at it, eventually everyone made up except we all now know Nikki's disturbing secret. Jonesy being Pokey The Panda, we all know how he's going to get fired from that job!moreless

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    • Jude: Well how do you know who's really beneath that fluffy, cute looking costume? It could be a masked murderer, or like my dad, spying on me!

    • Jude: Whoa, those lyrics!
      Nikki: I know, it sounds like a stalker wrote it.

    • Jude: (To Pokey costume) Whoa, okay, did that conversation make any sense to you?
      Jonesy: Are you kidding? Most of the time chicks don't make any sense.
      Jude: Dude! How'd you get out of your costume like that!?
      Jonesy: My furry friend and I have come to an understanding. Pokey sits at the food court with the juniors while I spend quality time at the arcade. This gig is sweeter than I thought.
      Jude: So I've been bonding with an empty costume all afternoon? (Jonesy nods and Jude leans in towards the costume) All that stuff I told you about my date. That's between you and me dude. Got it? Cool.

    • Caitlin: I still hurt from my audition. Was I really that bad?
      Nikki: Don't worry, I'm sure no one even saw you fall.
      Kyle: Aw, man, that must've hurt. I never seen anyone fall off the stage head first.

    • Jonesy: I'm seriously low on cash.
      Wyatt: No, we're seriously low on cash. If I had a dime for every dollar you owed me, I'd have like- (Pause) Well, I need a calculator, but you owed me a lot, man.

    • (The girls are off to the Dawg Toy auditions)
      Jen: You coming guys?
      Jude: No way, dude.
      Jonesy: Not a chance.
      Wyatt: I'd rather kiss a dead horse's butt.

    • Nikki: So got anything else you like to say behind my back? Cause I can turn around for you.
      Jen: Nope, I'd say it to your face.

    • (Jonsey is wearing the panda costume)
      Jonsey: I look like a dork.
      Nikki: Actually, I think it's an improvement.

    • Kirstin: Gee Nikki, Zero sales today and counting. What's your secret?
      Nikki: Beat it, or I'll announce that you get your lip waxed at Frizzy Lizzy's.

    • (after Caitlin accidentally pushes the Panda Guy down the escalator; Jonesy laughs hysterically)
      Caitlin: I can't believe I just did that!
      Nikki: You took out Pokey the Panda...
      Caitlin: Sorry!
      (kids crying in the background)

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