Season 3 Episode 6

Unhappy Anniversary

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Dec 07, 2005 on TELETOON
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Unhappy Anniversary
So Jonesy and Nikki have been kinda dating for three months now and it's been going along great. Unfortunately according to their friends three months is a really BIG deal and say they should buy gifts for each other. But after much scrambling and confusion they end up getting each other the wrong one. Meanwhile Caitlin finally gets the attention of the guy she likes who happens to be her worst enemy Tricia's ex-boyfriend. While trying to stop Tricia from ruining her date Caitlin's crush starts to think that this isn't worth it. In the end Nikki decides that for now she and Jonesy are better off as friends and Caitlin once again has no boyfriend.moreless

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  • Jonsey and Nikki have been dating for three mounths now and after a delema about presents and how much they shoud cost Nikki and Jonsey split.

    With a show lik 6Teen u expect silly animated humour but this episode it really shoed the sadder side of a teenage relationship. When they first dated it was beacause of a jobless Jonsey but it ended with a money situation. Fans liked the Joniki relationship because before it Nikki was always the one degradeing Jonsey and vice-versa so it was deffinetly a shocker in "Clonsey" when they dated. Also in "Clonsey" we see that Jen, Catlin and Wyatt are trying to stop them from getting together but this time they try despretly to get them together. Over all it really showed the sad side of teen life and not the wacky side it useually does.moreless
  • Nikki and Jonesy are having there 3 Month Anniversary and Caitlin convinces them to get eachother presents of the same value. Meanwhile Caitlin and Tricia fight over a guy named Zane.moreless

    Nikki and Jonesy are having there 3 Month Anniversary and Caitlin convinces them to get eachother presents of the same value. At the end Jonesy reveals that he got Nikki a PSP portable and then Nikki reveals that she got Jonesy a pack of gum. The gang try and make it up to them by sending them on a date to the movie theatres. But it goes wrong and they split from eachother Meanwhile Caitlin is in love with a guy named Zane. Who used to go out with Tricia. Tricia warns her not to go out with him or her social life will go down. In the end Caitlin and Tricia get in a fight right beside the fountain. And Jonesy and Nikki break up and state that they will still be friends.moreless
  • It's Nikki and Jonesy's 3 mounth anniversary and their friends try to "help" them buy the perfect gifts for each other. They end up breaking up. Caitlin has a boyfriend.

    I'm a big Nikki and Jonesy fan and I was hoping that they would make it...I felt bad for Jonesy becasue he totally liked Nikki and she thought that he was ok with them breaking up but like he said, he's liked her since they were 14. You could tell he was totally bumed about breaking up and I was pissed that thye did. Nikki and Jonesy put their relationship "on hold"... oh well, hopefully they'll gfet together again by the end of the show.moreless

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