Season 3 Episode 10

Welcome to the Darth Side

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Dec 27, 2005 on TELETOON

Episode Recap

The Clones talk about a 4th one coming to work, and Darth comes to talk to one to one of the Clones, and Nikki overheards that she is in a secret Star Wars Jedi club, and tells the gang. Jen is selling chocolate Jelly Beams to win sports stuff, and Jonesy decides to win them for himself. Jonesy ends up telling the Clones that one of them is in a Jedi secret club, and she ends up firing Nikki. Nikki goes to find a new job, and ends up working where Darth works. Jen and Jonesy continue to fight, and Caitlin and Nikki try to hook up Darth with the Taco Bell girl. They give him a makeover, and Darth and Taco girl go out on a date, and become Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Jen and Jonesy call it a trace and decide to share the prize. The Clones think they're new employee is hogging all the work, so they fire her, and rehire Nikki.