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Ever wish you could live your last week all over again? Well, my name's Frank B. Parker, and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting in time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. The catch is, I can only go back 7 days. 7 Days chronicles the adventures of Frank Parker, a "chrononaut" assigned to the U.S. government's "Operation Backstep." The operation revolves around the Sphere, created by Dr.'s Mentnor, Vukavitch, and Ballard from alien technology salvaged from Roswell. The alien power source allows a jump of only seven days, so when a crisis occurs the government assigns NSA agent Frank Parker to jump back in time up to 7 days to prevent it, creating a new timeline where only Frank remembers the old one. Frank is uniquely qualified for the job - he has a high tolerance for pain (required during piloting), a photographic memory, and has had some psychiatric problems that give him a very...flexible mindset when dealing with altered timelines. Assisting him on his missions are project head Bradley Talmadge, head of security Nathan Ramsey, and military advisor and back-up chrononaut Craig Donovan. In the third season Ballard retires and his replacement "Hooter" Owsley takes his place as scientific expert and recurring guest star.


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  • Norman Lloyd

    Norman Lloyd

    Dr. Isaac Mentnor

    Nick Searcy

    Nick Searcy

    Nathan Ramsey

    Alan Scarfe

    Alan Scarfe

    Dr. Bradley Talmadge

    Sam Whipple

    Sam Whipple

    Dr. John Ballard

    Don Franklin

    Don Franklin

    Capt. Craig Donovan

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