7 Days

Season 2 Episode 18

Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?

Aired Unknown Apr 19, 2000 on UPN

Episode Recap

A Senator is killed in an explosion by the "Ameri Bomber," who then strikes at a INS citizenship ceremony in Denver. The ATF track the Bomber down . . . and it's Nicholas Ramsey, Nate's brother. The FBI arrest Nate based on supposed evidence implicating him in the bombings despite the Backstep team's best efforts. Nate is forced to resign as his brother got hold of his password and is arrested – then the NSA orders a Backstep. Frank arrives two days before the Senator's bombing and covers up the theft of Nate's password to protect him as well as the Bomber's identity, then eventually convinces Nate of his brother's involvement. They stop him from sending the bomb and upon catching up to him discover he's off his medication for wounds he received in the war. Nicky escapes and heads for the INS ceremony – Frank and Ramsey get there and manage to defuse the bomb – they go after Nicky again when he tries a second time and Nate is forced to shoot (but not kill) his brother to save Frank's life. Nate covers it up and Nicky gets the treatment he needs.
(Copyright 2003 Steve Crow)