7 Days

Season 1 Episode 11

HAARP Attack

Aired Unknown Jan 27, 1999 on UPN

Episode Recap

The Alpha team heads off to NORAD for an inspection while in Turkey terrorists take over a HAARP radar base. They scramble communications to a bomber squadron and send encoded signals ordering them to attack Iraqi soldiers who have supposedly taken over a base in Saudi Arabia. The terrorists blow up themselves and the HAARP base rather than be captured after the point of where the bomber squadron is under orders to ignore all verbal commands. The U.S. is forced to shoot them, but only manage to stop two bombers and the other four rain down devastation, killing over 1200 people, while the Backstep team look on at NORAD. The commander of the squadron shoots himself afterward.

The team prepares to Backstep but they used the HAARP system to navigate and have to reprogram. The trip goes awry when Frank mentally reverts to the age of 10. The team catches up to him and brings him in and he remembers Olga, but he can't remember much else. The terrorist go ahead with their plan while Olga manages to get Frank to tie into his scrambled memories of the original timeline, snapping him out so he can finish briefing the team and stop the terrorists, but not in time. Remembering from the original timeline, Frank manages to have a crewman's wife call in with enough information to get him to call off the bombing.
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