7 Days

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1998 on UPN
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Pilot (1)
The U.S. government adapts technology from an alien spacecraft at Roswell and creates a device that can travel back in time seven days. When Washington is devastated by a terrorist attack, the need to find a capable pilot becomes essential and with time running out, only mental patient and ex-military man Frank Parker proves suitable.moreless

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  • Dark setting with promise.

    I love the way that this show takes a different approach at time travel. The story begins when the President and Vice President are killed by a plane full of explosives that crashes into the White house. When the speaker of the house is killed in a RPG attack on his limo. What a grim reminder of 9/11 this is. If only we had Frank Parker back then am I right? Seeing how this was filmed in 97-98 it stands the test of time. I love the characters and the plot so far. The only downside is why pull this dickhead out of that CIA nuthouse? There is no way they would not pick the Navy pilot over Parker. To much is at stake to put on the shoulders of a committed madman who sings Nazi songs. Excellent pilot. Must watch television.moreless
  • Frank B Parker former navey seal, placed in the CIA nut house after completing last mission in Somalia. Frank Parker is a very inelligent and relentless person, will do what is necessary to complete his mission.moreless

    The program "7 Days" is based on Frank B Parker crononaut. He is the only person that is able to travel back in time and survive the ordeal. In later episodes you learn that several other crononauts have attempted this and each have perished. Jonathan LaPaglia is excellent as Frank B Parker, he and Donovan (played by Don Franklin) are best friends who served in the same seal unit. These two make the program great, the remaining cast are great supporting characters. However, it is Frank Parker who makes the program click. He is a great actor.moreless
Jonathan LaPaglia

Jonathan LaPaglia

Lt. Frank Bartholomew Parker

Don Franklin

Don Franklin

Capt. Craig Donovan

Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd

Dr. Isaac Mentnor

Justina Vail

Justina Vail

Dr. Olga Vukavitch

Nick Searcy

Nick Searcy

Nathan Ramsey

Sam Whipple

Sam Whipple

Dr. John Ballard

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the pilot episode when the Russian commandos are boarding the Russian freighter supposedly on the open sea, you can see dock lights reflected in the not-moving water.

    • In the opening shot we see the Sphere drifting through space with a dead chrononaut. How'd they ever recover the Sphere?

    • In later episodes it'll be constantly referenced that Donovan is Frank's potential back-up as chrononaut, etc. But in this episode there's no indication that he was ever considered for or tested for the position. This seems odd given how desperate they are here.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (referring to his Backstep tattoo)
      Frank: I've been in every foreign capital in the world, drunk, and I've never gotten one of those things.

    • Frank: Doc – there are certain outer molecules of my body that I wouldn't exactly want to part with just yet.
      Mentnor: Your testes. They'll be intact.

    • Frank: All this genius and you guys can't keep the air conditioning running.

    • MIB #1: If you meet our criteria, you'll leave this island - today.
      Frank: But I thought I was crazy.
      MIB #2: Are you?
      Frank: Not crazy enough to get involved in an operation you want a crazy man for.

    • MIB #1: (Frank) actually scored higher than he did under normal conditions.
      Talmadge: Talk to me.
      MIB #1: He's a jerk. Sir. A real problem personality.

  • NOTES (3)

    • There are no opening credits - the "regulars" are listed the same way as everyone else, albeit first before the "Guest Stars."

    • Originally aired as a two-hour pilot movie - split into two parts for subsequent reairings. Credits are inserted into the end of the part 1, listing all actors and their characters in both parts.

    • Alan Scarfe and Sam Whipple are listed as guest stars for this, the pilot episode.