7 Days

Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1998 on UPN

Episode Recap

Cut from a strange sphere floating in space above Earth with a dead passenger, to Frank Parker at Hansen Asylum – an insane asylum for government and military patients. Day One: A terrorist group called the Cadre transport explosives to an airport, load it on a plane, and crash into the White House, killing the President and Vice-President and unleashing a cloud of poisonous gas. The terrorists then take out the Speaker of the House. At Project Back Step, Chief Talmadge calls together his team but their "sphere" isn't ready and they have no suitable candidates – Talmadge orders them ahead anyway. We find out Frank Parker has a photographic memory, an extraordinarily high pain threshold, and extensive black ops training. Meanwhile, the poison gas kills off a nearby school full of children, including Frank's son Jimmy. Frank passes the test and heads for Back Step, located at "Never-Never Land" Base in Nevada. Day Two: Frank and the other candidates undergo tests for suitability – Frank is the only one of two who can pass the simulator test. Day Three: The choice comes down to Parker and the other one, and Donovan testifies in Parker's favor. The team choose Parker over the objections of security chief Ramsey. Meanwhile, Frank's ex-wife mourns the death of their son. Parker is informed of the true purpose of Project Back Step – they reveal they've developed a time machine based on a alien saucer that crashed at Roswell, that can send a man back seven days. Frank is skeptical but Donovan convinces him, and explains they need a pilot to allow for planetary drift. Day Four: Frank agrees to the mission and is barcoded for introduction and verification when he goes back in time, and an implanted chip to store data they want to send back. The team has figured out Karl Pretzneff is the terrorist responsible and gives Frank the information. The mission is a go, and Frank asks Donovan to look after his son. (to be continued)
Copyright 2003 Steve Crow
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