7 Days

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1998 on UPN

Episode Recap

Day Five: As Russian intelligence closes in on the Cadre terrorists and the freighter they are using to get back to Chechnya, Back Step prepares to launch as their 7-day window of opportunity rapidly narrows. Frank sees his dead son on TV during a funeral and goes berserk, and Russian sub closest in on the freighter and the terrorists blow themselves up rather then be captured the crew find a clue to the hotel they were at in Washington. Day Six: Ramsey claims Frank is unsuited for the mission based on a tape of his rage when he sees his son dead but Donovan figures out the truth. With the location of the hotel determined, everything is ordered to go. A deteriorating Ramsey (he's going without sleep and taking drugs to compensate) tries to stop the launch and security is forced to kill him, and the Sphere is launched. A badly injured Frank arrives outside of Las Vegas and contacts Back Step using the code "Conundrum." Frank tries to warn his ex-wife (who doesn't believe him) and gets her mother to talk to her. Day Six: Frank briefs a confused and skeptical Back Step team on the terrorist attack. Delta team kills some of the members but the leader Pretzneff and his lieutenants escapes. Frank advises them to contact the Russians who worked the other side of the investigation. Meanwhile Patricia Parker refuses to believe Frank's warning and sends her son off to school. Pretzneff launches his alternate plan while the Russians capture the Cadre's man in their backyard. He reveals the terrorists' plan to use a truck to detonate the explosion and launch the poison gas. The Back Step team closes in with Frank determining the location – they arrive and Frank pursues Pretzneff past Jimmy's school. Frank and Donovan are both injured and Frank manages to shoot the detonator out of Pretzneff's hand before he can detonate the gas. Following him back to the truck, Frank kills him with his bare hands. At the end, Frank accepts the grateful thanks of the Back Step teams and accepts the job as their full official Chrononaut.
Copyright 2003 Steve Crow