7 Days

Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1998 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • The terrorists attacked on day one. Frank spent six and a half days in the first timeline and Backstepped, which would leave him a day and a half until the terrorist attack. Which means in the new timeline day seven would just be an extra day but that's when he fights the terrorists. Either terrorists decided to attack a day early in the new timeline or it should've been day eight when Frank fights them.

  • Quotes

    • (Frank is on the phone)
      Meyers: Sergeant Meyers. Who's calling, please?
      Frank: Conundrum.
      Meyers: Holy cow.
      Frank: What day is it?
      Meyers: Thursday, April 9th.
      Frank: Seven days ago.
      Meyers: Conundrum has landed.
      (Olga picks up phone)
      Olga: Who is this?
      Frank: My name is Parker, Frank B. Agency number 378349081. We have a Condition One event. The clock is at seven and a half hours and counting.

    • Frank: You are going to like me.
      Olga: We'll find out, Mr. Parker, in time. In time.

    • Talmadge: Olga Vukavitch, meet Frank Parker.
      Frank: We've already met, of course. But it's very nice to meet you again.

    • Talmadge: People, from this moment on this man's (Frank's) word is gospel!

    • Frank: I was never much of a dad, but this one's for you, Jimmy.

    • Talmadge: When will the hardware be ready, Doctor?
      Mentnor: Is 'a year' an unacceptable answer?

    • Aide: Why don't we just tell (the President)?
      Ramsey: Son, you're talking about Backstep. The President's a civilian, for god's sake!

  • Notes

    • Credits at the end of the part 2 list all actors and their characters appearing in either or both parts.

    • Aired as the second half of a two-hour movie in its original airing. In repeats airs as the second half of a two-part episode with the regular credits inserted.

  • Allusions

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