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  • bad show...

    The government is expiramenting with time travel and they can send one person seven days back whenever something goes wrong. The main character is Frank Parker and he is so annoying. I can't stand him. He's a bad character and he's a terrible actor. Another annoying character is the russian scientist lady (I's sorry, I forgot her name). She has a terrible russian accent and she is really annoying. The show story lines are ok. Most of them are terrbie, but I've seen a couple of good ones. Basically, the show sucks and has terrible actors, terrible characters, and terrible stories.
  • Why take a great story line and toss in in the trash?

    This show had such great potential. It has a classic Sci-Fi story line and an endless supply of plots. How many ways can you find a reason to go back in time and change the course of history? Give this some really serious thought.

    But the main character, Frank Parker, is pretty much a joke of a human being. This guy is pretty much a stupid clod until he "poof" backsteps into time. Then he's the consummate professional. So what is the deal here with this guy? How can anyone trust someone who's this susceptible to pleasures of the flesh one minute and then as cool as ice?

    Not that I think that's WRONG but this is a serious subject matter and people need to think with a brain not a crotch.

    Then when Parker backsteps and things fornicate up, he turns into a "poor baby boy" who needs to talk common sense with everyone. Olga turns into the concerned mother until mission accomplished. Then the show fades into spectacular nauseating garbage.

    What a waste.
  • The show started off well but as the seasons went by it got more and more unorigional.

    The show started off well but as the seasons went by it got more and more unorigional.

    Yeah, I still watched it BUT doing the same thing again and again got well...bouring. Also the episodes got stupider and the operning titles (version 3) where terrable. You may call me nieve by judging a show by the operning titles but with some shows I tune in every week and look forward to listerning to the theme tune and the voice over!

    This is the kind of show (well a lot of shows nowdays are) that needs and on-going storyline, more contact with the alliens perhaps or (as we've already established they can be hostil) a war.

    But the show was cancelled before anything interesting could happen, although it was still a good show.

    I'd still have loved to have seen more.
  • Interesting concept and screenplay but dodgy SF.

    The series plays out pretty well, it's very entertaining and it has it's share of romance and comedy, sarcasm and irony. The characters are a bit cliche but Parker allways seems to surprise me even thou i thought i had him nailed. If you get past the first few episodes, which are a bit out there, what comes after is fairly good. The only problem with the show comes from my end i think. I like to critique any SF shows based on the tech it shows, and i have to say, this was kind of hard to swallow. Bare with me here; first problem whould come from the fact of the 7 day time travel. I mean, if they are allways backstepping and altering the timeline, it means that in the main timeline that the show tells, the sphere was never used. I mean, they only get to see Parker come back, evreytime they use the sphere, they lose all memory of it, not to mention not use up any fuel, unlike sayed by Ballard in 1x14. So how can he make modifications without him actually knowing what's been done since they never actually did the Back Step, not to mention saying that they still use fuel. Also, how do they get the sphere back and fix it evreytime, since most of the backsteps end up nasty, or does it exist in their hangar aswell. If so, then we'd need to have two Franks aswell. Not to mention if the radius of the "miscalculation" of the target is 200 to 1000 miles like Parker states in one episode, why dosent the sphere materialize in the ground, or in the air? Also, if he can go back only 7 days, why dosent he just re-"go back" another 7 days if he needs more time? These issues might not be much to people that watch the show for enjoyment, but for hardcore SF fans that know each bit of the Enterprise's systems, the deck setup on the Galactica and the mechanics behind the Stargate, like i said, this show is hard to swallow.
  • 7 Days - great concept that was horribly executed. The 'great' reviews for this show must be based on childhood nostolgia rather than the merits of this show.

    7 Days was horrible in uncountable ways.
    Cardboard characters with the lead male and female generating the sexual tension of Ma and Pa Kettle.
    Forgettable or even worse - irritating supporting characters.
    Cheap special effects - come on this show has a Sci-Fi premise.
    Even cheaper sets.
    Stories that jumped the shark so many times that I felt waterlogged.
    If you want good Sci-Fi there are plenty of better options. If you want good action, once again there are plenty of options.

  • A Good Idea that never really caught on.

    The idea of the whole series was a good one but it never really broke any boarders.

    The idea of going back in time was great but the way it was shown made a possable great show into the ground.

    Its good as a show to relax with if you want a mild entertainment. But if you want something that gripping and action packed go look somewhere else.
  • It's not Star Trek but definitely entertaining.

    alright, this show never had the best actors or CGI's. It was just a low-budget sci-fi show. Although Jonathan LaPaglia isn't the best actor in the world, I liked his character (Frank Parker) because he represented the show's motto: It didn't take itself too serious. (like most other Sci-Fi series.) I even remember when Frank made a joke saying something like "this isn't a low budget sci-fi show". I was never a big Sci-Fi fan but this one I liked.

    Besides the great basic idea, I also liked the relationships between the characters. For example Parker and Olga, teasing each other all the time. Or Ramsey and Parker who despised each other.

    To sum up: I think you won't find any other sci-fi show like this, including great plots about time traveling but also being fun.
  • Shouldn't we be facing a Frank Parker glut as elder Franks arrive to fix problems and hang around with juniors who have no need to go back and fix any problems?

    I'm pretty finicky about my time travel. If you don't "get it right", I snark, and snark hard.

    Our review from Timelinks (see me profile):

    Frank Parker travels back in time, and phones in to the Project: "This is Conundrum". You got that right. He should be at the office every time he calls in, but no, he's just not there. Shouldn't we be facing a Frank Parker glut as elder Franks arrive to fix problems and hang around with juniors who have no need to go back and fix any problems?

    Dave Fooden's theory: Every time Frank phones in, the Project offs the Frank at the base. Must be a meadow somewhere stuffed with bodies of extra Franks...
  • Time travel concept is the best ever! And correct...

    How many TV shows and movies get it wrong all the time except this show. Going back in time does not multiply matter. Of course the chrononaut's past is the future he came from so how could he possibly meet his past self? This makes going back in time and killing your grandpa sound stupid. Even if you did so you'd still exist because you were born in a different timeline where your grandpa is alive.

    But the show itself is completely dumb, weird, stupid, and boring. In the first episode Frank Parker obviously is pretending to be crazy when he is in a mental hospital. At best the show seemed to be fun for about first 7 episodes until it went downhill. There is so many episodes where they would have good concepts but build a ridiculously boring storyline around it, making the episode seem to last 7 Days, accompanied by boring music and uninteresting storyline. Most of second season storylines are terrible. In third season they threw in some good episodes but it mostly seems to bounce between mildly good and terrible. Somebody should've gone back 7 days and stopped the show from airing. Here are some boring episodes that are a drag to watch:

    Shadow Play
    As Time Goes By
    HAARP Attack
    Last Card Up
    Daddy's Girl
    Vegas Heist
    Pinball Wizard
    For the Children
    Walk Away (Ballard is weird)
    Sister's Keeper
    The Collector (A terrible profile for a killer)
    Love and Other Disasters
    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Buried Alive (most boring ep. ever)
    The Backstepper's Apprentice
    Space Station Down
    The Cuban Missile
    Witch Way to the Prom (just weird)
    Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
    Playmates and Presidents
    The Fire Last Time
    Head Case
    The First Freshman
    Sugar Mountain
    Live: From Death Row (Why did they even bother with this one?)"
  • The US keeps a found time travel device and operates it from a ramshakle division of the military. Its mission: to avert disaster by altering the time line. The catch: the device can only go 7 days into the past.

    7 Days is definitely lowbrow sci-fi; I don't contest that. It IS, however, a very interesting show. It is a rare series that is able to set up its mythology and continually twist it every episode. They were always changing what the future is. What could be done about the time line. How to change the time line. What the device could do. What other devices could do.

    It is also interesting to note that this series is rare in that it dealt with the notion that navigating time was a difficult task. Every other incarnation of a time machine in sci-fi stated that it was difficult to make, but here it is - let's go!

    I wish I could have seen more of it to give a better evaluation, but my local station dropped it very early.
  • Yeah ok show but kinda weird.

    This show is a good show but it has some things that made it kinda suck. When I fist saw this show I thought "Wow this is new, fun, and different." But then I started watching it for awhile and it started to go downhill for me. It seemed like it was the same story show after show after show after show. Now yeah there was some different episodes but it still was the same story most of the time. This does start to get boring but yes the show was fun and different then most shows but the stories started to seem the same. I really don't recommend this show to most people only if you are kinda into sci-fi. I hoped I helped you out about this show.
  • Great idea. That lasted 3 seasons. Shame that the lead actors didn't get along.

    Great idea. That lasted 3 seasons. Shame that the lead actors didn\'t get along. At the time the show came out there was a glut of good science fiction show. So for the most part over looked. It is time for a second or third look. I for one am looking again and enjoying it.
  • 7 Days was a truly interesting idea that many people just didn't get.

    Who hasn't thought of traveling back in time? Wishing you could do something over again.
    7 Days was a truly interesting idea that many people just didn't get. Using alien technology that was being covered up by the government in the case of an emergency, a person could go backward in time 7 Days.

    7 Days has an interesting concept, just don't try to understand all the scientific mumbo-jumbo that they talk about occasionally, as you wont understand it... but it is definitely a show to give a shot.
  • First series is Sci-fi at it's absoulte best

    The first series is sci-fi at it's absoulte best. It was also pretty damn funny. The hero is not your normal guy: he's a messed up alcholic. But every single episode was wow. When the events of 9/11 transpired I was thinking about the pilot episode and how similar these events were. I don't think the show could have run on without confronting the issue so it's just as well it ended when it did. IIRC it got canned due to Buffy being brought.

    The second and third series' aren't too good. Just good solid entertainment. Very funny at times too. But it holds nothing on the first series. Still I've watched them all and still have around 8-9 eps to go of Series 3.
  • Just love it!

    Couldn't help myself. Sat down with a friends VHS-tape. Saw the first five episodes from him. Went to the store. Bought the rest, then I watched every single episode within the following week.

    Maybe not the best show in the world, but has a higher exciting episodes over bad episodes rating than most of the shows in TV.

    Simple thing to say, is that it's breathtaking, smart, and sometimes also silly (but in a good way), it's exciting, it has good characters, especially Frank B Parker and all the scenarios are happening today, not in a "near future", but today! Witch make it closer to reality than many other SciFi/Adventures.

    Said it earlier, say it again. Just love it. Bring it back.
  • Govt agent Parker, can travel 7 days back in time in order to change events gone wrong. Sci-fi action thriller

    This was one of my favorite shows, and I was thrilled to see re-runs on TV earlier this year. With a somewhat original story and plot, and episodes that kind of carry on from one another, this was a great sci-fi action show that didnt seem too cheesy or unrealistic ha.
  • Great show with a couple of flaws

    The show itself is great. Concept is very good: an alcoholic "psycho" stuffed in a space suit and travelling back in time in a big blue ball... Shame they forgot to work on a few side effects... what about agimng? what happensnto the rest of the teamwhen parker goes back... will the eventthat he is going to undo still occur in the old timeline...? For example: when parker went back to undo the event where the alien penetrated the nuclear reactor (back in season 1), did the event still eradicate the US...?
  • If you love time travel shows without having to use your brain. This is the show for you! Go back in time 7 Days to save something or someone or prevent something. Likeable characters and dialogue.

    The scenarios were simple and left little to thought and much to the imagination. the premise was understood. Each week Lapaglia would travel back 7 days to save something or someone or prevent something from happening. It was enjoyable to watch and gave Lapaglia somewhat of a superhero status. But what of his partner Capt.Donovan.? His role was often unclear and he was seldom used in time travel. Dr. Sam Whipple was a strange character and played into the episodes nicely. All in all this was an enjoyable show. One that I would like to see put out on DVD, and was sorry to see go.
  • Frank Parker could use alien technology to travel in time. A very interesting concept!

    I personally liked this show. A very good idea, and a perfect casting ensamble. The cast was everything that a show needs. The good-looking guy, and the good-looking girl. The genuis guy. The psycho, etc. I heard that there were a lot of back-lot tension between LaPagglia and Vail, but I really liked their on-scrfeen chemistry.
  • Nice, could have been better though.

    What to say about this show. First, it's a great concept. I always enjoy time-traveling shows/movies. Second, it's a great action show and that's probably what makes it good. The flaw is that sometimes it gets old and annoying. For instance the fact that they have to wait 7 days until they can fix a problem. Jeez, how many times to they have to say it "its been a week since [fill with disaster] so its time to backstep" As for the actors, i think that they are good and fits with their characters perfectly. Despite some of the annoying flaws, its a good show.
  • Great Show! Victim of our changing times.

    As I recall, this show ended in 2001, soon after the disaster of 9/11. In my view, the writers may have taken that opportunity to cancel the show due to world events. How would the writers handle a situation like 9/11 in the show? Do they ignore it? Do they attempt a back step and show a means to prevent the tragedy? If so, how could that have been done in a tasteful manner as to not offend the thousands of Americans killed on that day?

    I don't know anything about the actors getting along or not getting along, or about the ratings of the show at that time, but if there were problems on the set, the time seemed perfect to end the show with some 'dignity'.
  • Great take on time travel

    I loved Frank Parker. He had such charm. The show was great how the time machine would only send a person back seven days. Everyone of the cast seemed to work great together. Frank loved Olga who would always play hard to get. He wsa best friends with Donovan. Plus his emeny was Ramsey who was the head security guy. Frank would always get into trouble and have to squirm his way out. Plus he would always have to go back in time and fix the what ever devastated the world. I loved the episode where he became the pope. That was to much fun to watch.
  • i personally loved this show even tho not a lot of others watched it... it was a great show...

    why didn't this show ever catch on? i really loved this show and i watched it w/ my bro. it was actually good. better than i expected at first. but i think that the show got weirder... i dont know how but it just did but it was still good entertainment. did the actor for frank parker make a small comeback on prison break?... hmm...
  • I loved this show and how it was put together. I followed all 3 seasons and while some of the episodes may have been off the wall, the underlying stories and dynamics of the cast kept me coming back every week.

    I loved this show and how it was put together. I followed all 3 seasons and while some of the episodes may have been off the wall, the underlying stories and dynamics of the cast kept me coming back every week. Towards the end the show lost some momentum. It wasn't wrapped up neatly in a season finale. But the story lines like the flirtation between Parker and Olga were always entertaining and funny.
    7 days also provided a snap shot of some of the issues in America at the time and in a semi-serious way tackled the issues of the day. They fought terrorism, explored the idea of what it means to be patriotic, and every week went back 7 days to keep America from disaster. This show truly was ahead of it’s time.
  • A really impressive, creative, captivating series. Ignore the blasphemies of the people who tell you it's a 'change the channel' show. They probably want you to change it to The Snailracing Channel or Propaganda News or something.

    This is GOOD science fiction. VERY good science fiction. Every element of its premise is captivating. It takes the greatest of human desires, that to undo our greatest regrets, and makes with the premise, 'what if it COULD be done'. One thing that's quite astonishing about this series is that the event Parker goes back in time to prevent in its pilot episode is eerily familiar - terrorists smash an airplane in a suicide strike into the White House! And that was made in 1998! I wonder if there are a few more lessons in here that certain government officials might be more competent if they heeded and watched the show. Sure, sometimes things got a bit wacky - Parker accidentally taking back the soul of a dead person whose absense from the chaos of nonexistence creates a black-hole-like object that sucks stuff in until the dead person returns. Or Roswell aliens stealing plutonium and causing a meltdown. But most of the time the plots weren't really very far-fetched, and that's one of the things that was just so captivating about it. This horizon that joins together the comparably mundane (albeit exciting) situations that really exist with the fantastic solution, the time machine. Of course, all it would do is bring him back - it was up to him to do the rest. It would be boring if all he had to do was, say, wish upon a lamp and make everything right - and that's where the guts of the show comes in. And what a show. Never boring, never anything but something to enjoy and look forward to watching, something I never got tired of. I found my old recordings off of Spike TV and I just watched 21 episodes in 3 days. Just about anything else, any show, any movie, and I'd be sick of it and want to take a break after an hour at the most. This should give you an idea of just how riveting it is. If you are not the most boring person to ever walk the Earth (or rather stagger since you surely would have to have one foot in the grave), you will be on the edge of your seat while you are watching this show.

    It's worth noting that like Sci-Fi's 'The Invisible Man', it is also in all appearances influenced by the premise of Sapir and Murphy's 'The Destroyer' series of books - that is, a man is recruited from a hopeless situation in prison and is given as his only other option to become the miracle man of a top secret agency which saves the world on a daily basis by relying on him to accomplish the impossible. 7 Days is better than The Invisible Man though - it's more fun to watch, the agency is more believable (the one from the Invisible Man was too silly, and whoever heard of a 'silly' secret agency). Now that's something that was worth watching, and yet I can't just sit down and watch for hours. The same is true even of Star Trek. 7 Days, though, that show is just magic.
  • This is one of the best shows out there. I wish they could either bring it back or maybe make a movie out of it! We should all e-mail SciFi. Maybe they would make a mini ser. or something.

    Great stories, cast, and cast chemistry. The Idea behind the show was brilliant! Effects were cool but could have been a little better. Too bad they couldn’t end it in a good way. I mean come on. I heard they have a few episodes that were shot but not aired. LETS SEE THEM!


    my family and I loved this series and was very disapointed to see it go. We all loved it ,,I believe that instead of bringing back stupid movies a hundred time like Fready or Jason that you can bring good series like this one back . I always wanted Frank Parker and Elga to get together and start their life together and I enjoied that Frank would always save the day or the Seven days I should say....

    I hope that some one is really going to read this and think about bringing back something good back...

  • Time Travel meets Alias and partly the X-Files.

    Awesome show. Comes Highly addictive.

    Don't listen to reality brown nosers or bad taste sci fi geeks who bag this great show, they know nothing of a great script writing TV, their eyes are on paris hiltons fanny or a big ugly looking lobster trying to take over the universe.

    Every episode is on par, no dull moments, some the scripts are even original.

    I watched some of it when it first aired 10 years ago on Australian TV, and thanks to the net I now get to watch the complete series, the thing our networks in Australia failed 10 years ago and after all Frank is an aussie. If you liked the X-Files, Alias or top secret government conspiracy projects then this is for you, and yeah did I mention time travel?
  • One of my all-time favourite shows

    It is very sad indeed that this series didn't last longer than a mere three seasons. Here in Germany it was always shown very late at night, so it most likely didn't have a lot of viewers, most likely the situation was similar elsewhere. The idea of traveling seven days back in time was interesting and most of the episodes were very entertaining. I particularly liked Frank Parker's persistence in trying to get together with Olga, as hopeless as it almost always turned out to be since his travels back in time meant that he would have to sacrifice all his personal progress in order to save the world or at least a couple of other people's lives. He was a great underappreciated hero in an underappreciated series.
  • I'd say this is more comedy than anything.

    Dictionary.com defines Conundrum as A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma. That's exactly what happens when Frank B Parker Crononaut goes back in time 7 Days. First Episode The top of America's Government were assasinated. All political jokes aside now. It was a pretty good start to a great show. They use Roswell Technology for the "Backstep" Program. This show went from great to completely hokey.
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