7 Days

UPN (ended 2001)





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  • 7 Days. Great Idea Bad Execution

    I rated this show 8.5. I really had to fight with myself on this, not because I really liked the show, cause I didn’t. I had to fight with myself cause I watched it for the pure Science Fiction aspect of it. To tell ya, if I had to deal with one more Chemical attack on the US I was going to scream.

    The concept of 7 Days was excellent. A great sci-fi angle to time travel. It was smart, well thought thru and well conceived. But the story lines that made up each episode was tedious, predictable and down right, at times, dumb. Not only did the episodes lack some sort of originality but they on the most part was so simple, they could have been ended the episode by the mid-hour break, instead of dragging on for 20 more minutes.

    This show had so much great potential that it actually started well and then just…fizzled by mid-second season. Then flat out died by the third. It was a disappointment to see it so terribly managed. The concept was terrific…the production great….the stories were bad.