7 Days

UPN (ended 2001)





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  • Interesting concept and screenplay but dodgy SF.

    The series plays out pretty well, it's very entertaining and it has it's share of romance and comedy, sarcasm and irony. The characters are a bit cliche but Parker allways seems to surprise me even thou i thought i had him nailed. If you get past the first few episodes, which are a bit out there, what comes after is fairly good. The only problem with the show comes from my end i think. I like to critique any SF shows based on the tech it shows, and i have to say, this was kind of hard to swallow. Bare with me here; first problem whould come from the fact of the 7 day time travel. I mean, if they are allways backstepping and altering the timeline, it means that in the main timeline that the show tells, the sphere was never used. I mean, they only get to see Parker come back, evreytime they use the sphere, they lose all memory of it, not to mention not use up any fuel, unlike sayed by Ballard in 1x14. So how can he make modifications without him actually knowing what's been done since they never actually did the Back Step, not to mention saying that they still use fuel. Also, how do they get the sphere back and fix it evreytime, since most of the backsteps end up nasty, or does it exist in their hangar aswell. If so, then we'd need to have two Franks aswell. Not to mention if the radius of the "miscalculation" of the target is 200 to 1000 miles like Parker states in one episode, why dosent the sphere materialize in the ground, or in the air? Also, if he can go back only 7 days, why dosent he just re-"go back" another 7 days if he needs more time? These issues might not be much to people that watch the show for enjoyment, but for hardcore SF fans that know each bit of the Enterprise's systems, the deck setup on the Galactica and the mechanics behind the Stargate, like i said, this show is hard to swallow.