7 Days

Season 2 Episode 15

Space Station Down

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 2000 on UPN

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  • What a funny, stupid, and serious episode. This why anyone would watch this show.

    In the beginning I can see that this is going to be a boring one except for the cool part where the Sphere would be materializing in space and docking with the space station. The news intro shows that it is going to be boring but then I can laugh at how some astronaut floated off into space. And then what seems to be like a tearjerker it is actually filled with many stupid things that you can look for to laugh at.
    1. The way the actors pretend to act out zero gravity.
    2. Drinking out of a flask. Impossible. And then tilting the head back to drink out of a flask when there is no gravity. Why?
    3. The Russian guy being sucked out into space.
    4. The American guy burning up in the atmosphere.
    5. The stars twinkling in the background in space.
    I must be repeating a lot of goofs here.
    And then there is this boring scene in the end that drags on for 10 minutes. That chick is going to die in the space station. She has no choice.
    Why not just use the Sphere to correct the station's orbit in the beginning, then they can all get into it and fly to Earth and be happy or just dump that plutonium that it's carrying?
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