7 Days

Season 3 Episode 4

The Dunwych Madness

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 2000 on UPN

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  • Parker Backsteps to stop the destruction of a small town. Meanwhile, Dr. Ballard takes an indefinite leave of absence and recommends young Andrew "Hooter" Owsley as his replacement.

    This episode has some very interesting scenes that are not out of place, just different from the normal operative pattern of 7 Days. The flashback to China during World War II is the main crux of this, it starts things out well enough, albeit somewhat weird.

    Parker's immediate concern about his former Navy buddy was very much in character for him, but since it was a non-mission it made less sense for him not to take Donovan with him to help evaluate, or Olga to go along under the pretext of a friend to use her medical and psychological skills to figure out the problem. Dr. Isaac Metnor makes his first appearance of the season and is first appearance since "Space Station Down" in mid season 2. There is no mention of how unusual it is to see him hanging around with the rest of the staff again, he's simply back. This was a missed opportunity, perhaps to give some reasoning for his infrequent appearances. Isaac had a lot of responsibility for the storytelling, setting up an important aspect of the mystery, something that given the established background of the character and Norman Lloyds good performance, is a very strong part of the episode.

    Once Parker, Olga and Donovan are rapped within the Quarantine Zone and believed to be lost forever, we see a good look into the thinking of Talmadge and Isaac about their futures in the backstep Program. Calling them The Future of Backstep, implying that they would want for them to take over their jobs once they move on or retire.

    This episodes had the final appearance of Sam Whipple as Dr. John Ballard. It was a bit too brief and seemed to be more of a stepping stone to get to the introduction of Andrew Owsley.

    This episode like "Rhino" had it's own points that should have made it a contender for being the Season Premiere episode. Despite the fact that they would have had to completely re do the exit of Dr. Ballard, there was a full introduction to the cast in the episode and the opportunity to see the Backstep program through a fresh perspective, albeit a juvenile one.

    Overall an episode with a good mystery, it was very character driven with a good mix of the usual action sequences with a little less comedy than we typically get from the series.