7 Days

Season 3 Episode 7

The Fire Last Time

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2000 on UPN

Episode Recap

Watson, a religious zealot, seeks to avenge his fallen comrades by killing the Attorney General he holds responsible. He escapes from prison and incinerates the AG – the NSA figures out who was involved and send Frank back to accompany Watson and reroute the prison bus. Frank, plagued by nightmares of what happened to him in Somalia, Backsteps and upon arrival erratically hallucinates he's back there. Frank operates on his own and believing an injured Watson is a fallen soldier, helps him to escape so he can complete his "mission." Reality and hallucination collide as Frank remembers how he lost his comrade and was captured, leading to his breakdown and interment at Hansen Island. Olga and Donovan catch up to him and help him recover somewhat. Fighting the hallucinations, Frank manages to stop Watson and his followers before he can kill the AG. And Frank finally comes to terms with the men he lost in Somalia.
(Copyright 2003 Steve Crow)