7 Days

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1998 on UPN

Episode Recap

Frank finds out his ex-wife Patricia is remarrying to a Navy Intelligence officer, Mike Clary – needless to say, Frank doesn't take that well. A gang rigged with explosives attacks a diamond exchange next to the North Korean consulate – during a struggle the explosives go off, destroying a tanker truck filled with acid and devastating the entire area. Frank (with Ramsey in tow) arrives for the marriage and his ex makes it clear he should stay away. The North Korea government believes the devastation was a terrorist attack by South Korea and is preparing to go to war, so a Backstep is ordered. Frank arrives with the Sphere in Washington but discovers Patricia, Jimmy, and Mike are there – Mike spots the robbery but is hit by a car when he intervenes. Franks stops the robbery and the explosion but Mike dies. Guilty over his belief that he hesitated and let Clary die, Frank tries to Backstep but is stopped – he quits and Ballard, Mentnor, and Olga threaten to quit if Talmadge doesn't okay the mission. Frank is okayed to launch and in the new timeline, Franks saves Clary and the two of them stop the explosion and take out the robbers. With matters resolved – Frank attends the wedding and congratulates the happy couple. (Copyright 2003 Steve Crow)