7 Days

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Oct 28, 1998 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • After the backstep, Frank calls in using a portable phone. This contradicts later episodes where it is explained that he can't bring one with him because of the interference caused by the Backstep.

    • Since the US does not have diplomatic relations with or even recognize the government of North Korea, there is no such thing as a North Korean consulate (or embassy, for that matter) anywhere in this country.

    • During the third showing of the robbery attempt near the end of the show, nothing really changed in the timeline, Parker hadn't come around the corner yet, yet Mike sees the robbers go into the bank, in the first attempt, he and Pat and Jimmy, were already walking away to get a hot dog when the robbers went in.

    • Perchloric acid is a vital component in rocket fuel - are they really shipping this through downtown Washington D.C.?

    • You can plainly see after the third attempt to save the bank that the guy trying to run from the truck is not the actor who plays Frank's ex-wife's fiance. It is a stunt double.

  • Quotes

    • Frank: Isaac, tell me something. How long have you been married?
      Isaac: Fifty-four very happy years. Of course my first marriage, that's a different story. That lasted three.
      Frank: What happened?
      Isaac: Well I saw this girl on the boardwalk and she had the tiniest ankles I've ever seen. Not a good basis for long-term relationships.

    • Ramsey: Crazy and lucky is what keeps this country one step ahead of the game.

    • Talmadge: You'd actually consider quitting the project?
      Ballard: I hear they're hiring at MacDonalds.

    • Ramsey: I've always said this project is too important for an arrogant hothead.
      Ballard: Oh, does that mean you're resigning too?
      Ramsey: Good one, Ironside.

    • Tourist: Hey, what the heck is that thing?
      Frank: Publicity stunt for a movie. So what'd you think?
      Tourist: That was spectacular.
      Frank: You should see the effects in the movie.
      Tourist Wife: What's it called?
      Frank: "Mars Needs a Tax Break" – excuse me.

    • Ramsey: What – did we suddenly change our name to Project Santa Claus?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Ramsey: Good one, Ironside.
      Alluding to Chief Ironside, of the TV show Ironside, who was also confined to a wheelchair.

    • Shot of Jimmy
      The scene that shows Jimmy saluting Mike's coffin is reminiscent of the photo of JFK Jr. at his father's funeral.

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