72 Hours : True Crime

Monday 9:00 PM on CBC Premiered Jan 15, 2004 In Season


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  • Season 3
    • Bull's Eye
      Bull's Eye
      Episode 316
      A Girl Guide leader is found dead in her home in the floor of her bedroom. There is no obvious cause of death, police are suspicious.
    • Dead End
      Dead End
      Episode 315
      A young couple hit the road, hitchhiking their way across North America. They're free spirits thrilled to explore life and the world. When the couple stop phoning home, their parents become alarmed. But police dismiss the case as normal behaviour for a pair of young travelers. If only the pair hadn't hitched a ride with a violent social outcast living with his brother on the edge of town. If only the pair were still alive.moreless
    • Model Killer
      Model Killer
      Episode 314
      A young model is bludgeoned to death in her downtown Toronto apartment. The wounds to her head are so severe police presume she's been shot. Evidence at the scene suggests to detectives that the killer gained access to his victim by posing as a telephone repairman. But that deadly deception is only one small part of a nasty hunt - a crazed plot to locate, isolate and murder beautiful women. Now police must launch a hunt of their own.moreless
    • Lust
      Episode 313
      One cold February morning in a dark stairwell of a Toronto apartment building, a security guard makes a horrid discovery: the dead body of a Filipina nanny. It's clear she's been savagely murdered and raped. Police analyze the list of potential suspects - the boyfriend, the employer, serial offenders in the community. But the crime will remain unsolved until detectives uncover a killer, unknown to the victim, driven by nothing short of a terrible, murderous lust for blood.moreless
    • Evil Eyes
      Evil Eyes
      Episode 312
      A dead woman is found in a park. When her body is identified it's learned that she was a recently divorced landlady of a group home for transients. The list of suspects is long; the clues police have to follow are few. And the only potential witness to the crime? A woman who remembers a car in the area the night the body was found. It was driving eccentrically with a passenger in the backseat. A passenger who stared through the windshield and into the night with 'Evil eyes.'moreless
    • Predator
      Episode 311
      Phone rings in the middle of the night. On the other end, awful sounds of an attack. The couple that receive the call rush to its source and discover a horrific scene. Two teenage sisters, from Taiwan studying English for the summer have been viciously attacked in their apartment. Now one is dead while the other clings to life. And hiding somewhere is a merciless killer, bound to strike again.moreless
    • Hunted
      Episode 310
      A Toronto real estate broker fails to return home. Her family can't find her. But the police do - dead in a utility closet in her downtown office. The DNA found on her body is tested against 150 different men. No match. The case runs cold. And then an office employee suggests police investigate a former maintenance worker who has slipped under the detective's radar. A maintenance worker familiar with the building but fired from the job due to a troubling history.moreless
    • The Stranger
      The Stranger
      Episode 41
      Tired of the boredom, a retiree takes a job at a convenience store. On her third night at work a customer finds her on the floor behind the register, face down in a pool of blood. Detectives determine that her last customer was also her killer. Only two witnesses saw that customer. In a town where everyone seems to know everyone else - he was a stranger. Find the stranger, find the killer. But how do you find a man who's defining characteristic is that no one knows who he is?moreless
    • Sweet Killer
      Sweet Killer
      Episode 40
      An aging hippy is going through bad times. His wife has left him for a lesbian lover, taking their kids. His cancer, once in submission, has seemingly returned. When he's found dead in his home with a gut full of antifreeze - "the sweet killer" - it's sad, but not shocking that he looked for an escape in suicide. It's a closed case, until a shocking confession reveals lies and a story of cold-blooded murder.moreless
    • Good Doctor
      Good Doctor
      Episode 39
      A young single mother visits her local hospital in midst of a panic attack. Her doctor sedates her. Then, she is certain, he rapes her. But she's a party girl and the man she's accusing is a respected citizen. No one, it seems, will believe her story. Particularly when his DNA doesn't match a sample found on the woman's underwear. But the accuser stands by her story. And the accused has not one, but two horrible secrets to reveal.moreless
    • Pointing To Murder
      Pointing To Murder
      Episode 38
      A withered corpse is found half-buried in a field beside a theme park. Too decayed to identify properly, detectives have only the leathery fingers of one hand to work from. When they manage to get a print, they identify the dead woman as a missing wife and mother. The husband casts the finger of blame on his wife's lover. The lover blames the husband.moreless
    • Frenzy
      Episode 37
      Three bodies are found in a house, arms tied behind their backs and stab wounds to the neck. Bloody footprints are in the upstairs hallway. These are the clues to a killing spree that leaves a young woman, her boyfriend, and an elderly church deacon dead. When evidence and fellow church congregants suggest a mentally disturbed youth from their bible class could be the culprit, police believe they have their man. But police are wrong. And a frenzied killer is still on the loose.moreless
    • Fat Bandit
      Fat Bandit
      Episode 36
      A string of bank robberies confound police. Most bank-robbers are strung out addicts, usually quite thin. This new man doesn't fit that profile: this bandit is fat. When he strikes next he confuses police further by changing locales and hitting up a bank in Vancouver. One can only fool detectives for so long however - sooner or later a thief's pattern will give him up. After setting up a dragnet and nabbing their man, police are shocked to discover who they've caught.moreless
    • Jeweler's Wife
      Jeweler's Wife
      Episode 35
      The wife of a rich jeweler is found in their home - stripped naked and beaten to death. The jeweler immediately falls under suspicion. The couple had been overseeing expensive renovations to their home for the past year - meaning literally hundreds of people had access to the house before the murder. A horrible crime with a multitude of suspects. But the jeweler's wife was no sitting duck - she had fought back. And under her fingernails is the DNA that will lead detectives to her killer.moreless
    • Vanished
      Episode 34
      A loved petite town school teacher fails to arrive for work for the first time in thirty years, leaving an empty house and a confused community. She seems to have disappeared without a trace. The few clues that are found: a missing chair, a small trace of blood on the floor - fail to shed much light on the mystery, until police turn their attention to a neighbor with a morbid interest in the case. A neighbor who just happens to work - at a landfill.moreless
    • Bitter Truth
      Bitter Truth
      Episode 33
      When the curiosity of an insurance claims investigator is piqued by the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a young Sikh man, a trail of bigamy, deceit and murder is soon uncovered. Police detectives follow that trail and discover it leads all the way to India - and a massive killing spree can be traced back to one small, bitter pill.moreless
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