77 Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 32

Canine Caper

Aired Friday 9:30 PM May 15, 1959 on ABC

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  • Jeff Spencer take a job investigating an international jewel robbery that originated from Amsterdam.

    Jeff Spencer,Stuart Bailey's partner,is
    contacted by a man named Van Der Laan in
    Amsterdam after the man was robbed of valuable
    rubies that once belonged to the Shah of Iran.
    He can recover a huge reward.He then contacts
    a jeweler of prominence,Marie LaShelle,to see
    if the rubies were of value to anyone in the
    United States.Over lunch they talk.As they have
    lunch,a car carrying a prominent actress that
    Kookie is smitten by,Charmaine Chalet,arrives at
    Dino's.Kookie is used in a few portraits,but
    then Kookie explains that her poodle cannot be
    taken in the restaurant.Her agent,Rolf Berne,
    takes exception,but rules are rules.The dog is
    put in a kennel,but an English terrier lets the
    poodle out and Kookie is really in a predicament.
    Rolf nearly hits Kookie.Kookie goes to look for
    the poodle.Back in the restaurant,Jeff notices
    a book of matches from Amsterdam.He asks Charmaine's producer if Rolf is an American.
    He's not sure.Jeff has Roscoe investigate Rolf.
    Meanwhile,Kookie finds the poodle,but Suzanne
    notices rough characters who were also looking for
    the poodle and tells Jeff.The clasp of the
    poodle's collar breaks and Suzanne keeps it while
    Kookie takes the dog to Charmaine.Rolf is
    displeased that the collar is missing.Suzanne,
    while putting candy in a candy bowl,discovers
    that there's a zipper on the inside of the collar.
    When she unzips it,there are the rubies.She tells
    Kookie and Charmaine about it.Meanwhile,Jeff
    finds out who the two thugs were who had been
    following Kookie from Roscoe,and that Rolf Berne
    is a jewel thief,and that Marie LaShelle is
    behind it all.The thugs capture Suzanne and
    Charmaine,but Kookie and Jeff meet and both
    capture the thugs.They then capture Rolf and
    Good episode.
  • Jeff Spencer and Kookie is investigate a jewel robbery that occurred in Amsterdam and finds that a female jeweler in Los Angeles is involved.

    True to form,another good episode of 77 Sunset
    Jeff Spencer investigates a Dutch jewel
    robbery in Amsterdam,and decides to ask Marie
    Lashelle,a dealer in foreign jewels,about the
    method of such a robber in possibly smuggling
    jewels into the United States.While this is
    occurring,Kookie gets to meet his idol,
    Charmaine Chalet.They discover that in her
    poodle's collar are the rubies that were
    stolen.After a hard time with hoods,Jeff and
    Kookie catch the hoods and discover that
    Lashelle was behind the robbery in Amsterdam.
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