77 Sunset Strip

ABC (ended 1964)





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  • A Hip Cool Retro Series

    Smoking, drinking, flirting with girls... the first hour-long detective series to feature young detectives (not middle-aged or older folks who dominated the small screen for many years). Add a car hop who combs his hair and refers to his elders as "Dad," the jive-talking Kookie Kookson III (yes, the third) became a pop culture phenomenon. Almost every year the studio added another character to the weekly series so you could almost tell what season the program is just by the cast.

    Today, the episodes rarely get screened on television, sadly. Probably the networks believe the series is dated but they have to remember that hot rods, greasers and The Rat Pack were the rave during the late fifties and early sixties. Warners profited big time from the series with LP records, one-hit wonders and television merchandise.

    Only time I get to see the series is by watching an episode on the big screen during the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, held annually every September in Maryland. Celebrity guests attend the show and episodes they appeared in are almost always screened. Just watching a few of these makes me wish the studio would get off their butts and out the series out on DVD. Kookie, Kookie.... lend me your comb!

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