7th Heaven

Season 7 Episode 10

A Cry for Help

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 2002 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lucy helps Eric get a job as a D.J. at KRHL, the student radio station. Eric thinks he's going to be playing music; however, when he reports for work the show's producer, Will tells him he'll be hosting talk radio. Eric soon realizes he's been set up by Lucy in a ploy to get him back to the church. A despondent man, Carl, calls into the program threatening to kill himself. Carl is upset over his girlfriend breaking up with him. He calls his girlfriend, Emily, a terrible person and blames his impending suicide on her. Carl hangs up and Eric and Will frantically attempt to trace the call and find him. Police are unable to trace the call. But Carl's girlfriend Emily was listening and comes to the station and asks Will and Eric to help her find Carl.

Roxanne invites Kevin and Lucy out with her friends. Lucy refuses to go, and Kevin has to tell Roxanne Lucy is "sick" (again). Roxanne tells Kevin she is tired of coming between him and Lucy. Roxanne asks for a new partner. Kevin tries to talk her out of it. Later, Kevin decides to meet Roxanne and her friends anyway and tells Lucy she needs to figure out how she is going to handle him being partners with Roxanne or Lucy and Kevin may not be partners.

Ben's girlfriend has dumped him so he's come back to Glen Oak for Thanksgiving. He's looking for a place to meet girls and Simon and Cecelia convince him he might meet girls where they are going: Club Minor. It's a club for kids 15 to 20 and Ben, who's 23, has to use a fake ID Simon gives him so he can get in. Once inside, all the very young girls gawk at him. However, he does see one very attractive older woman… but learns she is the club's owner and questions him as to how he got in to the club.

Ruthie is finally finished being grounded, and Jake is waiting to hang out with her. Trouble is, Ruthie is already tired of Jake. He invites himself over for dinner and Ruthie has to figure out a way to tell him she doesn't want to be his girlfriend anymore. Annie advises Ruthie to let Jake down gently.

Eric, Emily and Will look for Carl. They split up and it's Will who finds him. Will gets Carl to open up a bit about his breakup with Emily. Eric and Emily show up and try to encourage Carl to let Eric help him. Eric tells Carl he can help him find a place to spend the night then take him to a place tomorrow - a place where he can go that will make him feel better for the rest of his life: church. Carl agrees to go to a hospital for the night, and thanks Eric for helping him. Back at home, Eric tells Annie he's tired of helping people for a living. Annie tells him he doesn't have a choice. Being a minister and helping people is his calling. Eric admits he'll think about going back to the church.

At the pool hall, Lucy shows up in time to see Roxanne and Kevin hugging. Lucy interrupts and says she wants to talk to Roxanne. Lucy admits she hasn't been very nice to Roxanne and she asks, again, for a chance to get to know each other. Lucy asks Roxanne not to switch partners and Roxanne agrees. Back at home after the Club Minor debacle, Simon is mad at Ben for getting them all kicked out of the club and confiscating his fake minor ID. Ben says the night wasn't a total loss - he got the owner's phone number.

Ruthie doesn't take Annie's advice and bluntly tells Jake she doesn't want to be his girlfriend anymore. Jake takes the news surprisingly well and doesn't seem to be bothered at all.