7th Heaven

Season 8 Episode 2

An Early Fall (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2003 on The CW
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Mary makes a surprise visit home to deliver unexpected news to her parents. Elsewhere, Simon tells Cecilia that he needs space, while Kevin and Lucy adjust to married life. A little confession from Roxanne leads to the demise of her and Chandler's relationship. Eric ponders Simon academic future now that he refuses to go back for his senior year of high school, and Annie prepares for a potentially disastrous dinner engagement.moreless

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  • Wonderful!!

    Simon and Mary come home. Lucy and Ruthie think that Mary is pregnant. Mary tells everyone that she is married to Carlos. She tells Carlos that they are pregnant. Chandler breaks up with Roxanne. Simon wants to go to college far away from home. Cecilia lets go of Simon. Lucy tells Kevin that she doesn’t want to have babies yet. Eric and Annie don’t want Simon to go. This was a great episode! It’s one the final appearances of Mary until the season 10 finale. I just realized how much I am going to miss her. I liked the scene where Carlos was talking in Spanish and she thought that he called her a chicken. I didn’t want Chandler and Roxanne to break up. They were so perfect for each other. I wish that Matt and Sarah were in this episode because then the whole family would’ve been together again! This was a wonderful episode and it gets a 10!moreless
  • Well this is the episode that concludes that long two-parter and I'm happy (especially with Mary) on how things have turned out and the direction the Camdens' lives are going. There were a lot of early arrivals looming in the Camdens lives, particualry Mamoreless

    Well this is the episode that concludes that long two-parter and I'm happy (especially with Mary) on how things have turned out and the direction the Camdens' lives are going. There were a lot of early arrivals looming in the Camdens lives, particualry Mary (She's pregnant!). This was a classic episode all in itself with Simon, Mary and Lucy for obvious reasons. So let's get started...

    Mary and Carlos: I loved this couple! They had such terrific chemistry together on screen. Was I the only one amused when Carlos was upset and ranting in Spanish through his frustration? I was worried this story would sizzle but it sure didn't. I'm so glad Mary (unlike Matt) had to guts to finally admit to the whole family that she got married instead of lying and putting it off even more, even though she hesitated a little bit there. The only thing I was shocked it was Eric and Annies' (particularly Annie's) reaction to all of this. Yes, I understand for them to be upset that their oldest daughter married without them or anyone in the family there, but I wish they were more supportive of Mary herself. So what that she didn't go to college and made a few mistakes down the road! Quite frankly I think Mary is doing a terrific job with her life now. She's had a steady job for a year and a half as an airline attendant, has lived on her own on the Eastern Coast for over a year and has created a pretty nice life for herself.

    What Mary has become now makes me completely forgive of all the things she was doing in the 4th, 5th and 6th seasons. I'm just (I can't believe I'm saying this) a little disappointed in Eric and Annie that they don't see how great their daughter has become and kept reminsincing on when their daughter destroyed the gym and when she went "bad." Plus it saddened me knowing they'll be more disappointed when they know she's pregnant. I didn't understand them and their reaction about their daughter in this episode. Not everyone is destined to got to college and become what YOU want them to be. And lastly, I'm happy that Mary is pregnant! I rather her than Lucy. Mary is more ready honestly as Mary has had more world-wide life expereince has has officially left the nest unlike Lucy, plus she's a little saner. I hope Eric is right that she and Carlos are happy in their "stupid" lives. And I was so happy when she announced nervously and happily to Carlos at the end of the episode that she was pregnant. Wow, I'm happy for her, even though they're just married and that some family members won't be happy when they find out later on. I don't care, Mary I'm happy for you.

    Kevin and Lucy: Wow, was I proud of Lucy in this episode. What I'm talking about was when she had that conversation with Kevin over not having a baby right now or not even in the near future actually. She was really right when saying she wants to be "alone" with Kevin for awhile in their marriage before they have kids. Plus she wants to finish college and get a little jump on her career first. Good job Lucy! And I'm glad you stopped doing that "life-affirming" crap in last weeks episode by trying.

    Simon and Eric: I felt so bad for Simon in this episode. Plus, I was happy he got more screen time in this episode than last weeks. The conversation he had with Eric in the backyard was terrific and so well-written. He was right when saying he's now changed and now needs to find some kind of meaning in all this. He wants to be alone (hopefully away at college) to help find himself because he knows sooner or later he will have to confront Justin. He needs to be ready for him to tell him how much he hates him and needs to start to move on with this, and home may not be the best way. He may not get that with his family always protecting him (i.e. Eric not telling him about the vandalism). I also felt so much Eric; he doesn't want to let his son go yet, especially not like this and especially not under these circumstances. David Gallahger did a heart-wrenching portrayal and I'm so going to miss him when he leaves. I hope he comes back for more episodes toward the end of the seaosn. PLEASE! (crossing fingers)

    Chandler and Roxanne: Again, it was really hard for me to care in this episode, especially with the more interesting Simon and Mary storylines. Maybe I would've been more riveted if they actually showed them fighting and breaking up on-screen rather than off-screen. But then again, I bet anyone ten bucks that they get back together before February comes.

    Ruthie and Peter: What can I say, not much for them in this episode. They were just around to hear about everyone elses' news. But luckily Peter wasn't as annoying in this episode like last weeks. I'm glad Peter pointed out to Ruthie that you just don't jump out to conclusions (even though she was right) about Mary or anyone else in the family. It's not a nice thing and Ruthie needs to grow out of that.

    All in all this was a fantastic episode. A classic, all because of sweet Mary and Carlos. It only leads to more anticipation when Mary comes back later this season and where she is at then with Carlos and the baby. Plus, also anticipating the early arrival of Simon's acceptance into college as he leaves the family in the next few episodes (a lot seems to concentrate more on that next week)

    Grade: **10 out of 10**

    Rants and Bits

    * I think Jessica Biel is only scheduled for one more appearance this season, God, I hope she comes back for more than that!

    *I was a little angry over the families reaction when Mary told Eric and Annie about her and Carlos' marriage. They kept smirking like they were happy Mary "screwed" up. I didn't like them in that scene.

    *Every time Jessica Biel comes back to the show she gets prettier and prettier. Keep on being brunette Jessica, that is your best and only good color!

    *Again, Annie needs a storyline for herself this season. Please writers, Catherine Hicks is too good of an actress for you to be wasting her like this.moreless

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    • Eric: (About learning that Mary and Carlos got married) I hope they will be very happy. For the rest of their stupid lives.

    • Mary: Carlos and I got married... last April. A week after Lucy and Kevin.

    • Annie: Simon, no more running away. We want you home with us. You scared me.

    • Sam & David: (Together) What's for dinner?
      Annie: Same thing we've been having all summer... Trouble. A big bowl of heaping trouble, with a Mary on top.

    • Mary: You know, don't you?
      Carlos: All I know is that I love you.
      Mary: How do you know?!
      Carlos: Just say it.
      Mary: I can't.
      Carlos: Why?
      Mary: Because once I say it, it'll be true.
      Carlos: And I want it to be true.
      (Long pause)
      Mary: We're gonna have a baby.
      Carlos: Yes! (He hugs Mary) Oh, yes!
      Mary: Soy una gallina loca emperazada!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The WB's offical decsription of this episode begins with the tagline "JESSICA BIEL RETURNS".

    • Even though, Jessica Biel (Mary Camden) appears in the opening credits of this episode, she is considered a guest star. This is the only episode of the entire season that Jessica Biel appears in.


    • Carlos: El Pollo Loco means crazy chicken. I just said you were crazy.

      Carlos is explaining to Mary what El Pollo Loco means in Spanish as she interprets wrong from the restaurant name. El Pollo Loco is a restaurant chain specializing in flame-broiled chicken, burritos and New Mexico dishes in California, Arizona and Texas.