7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 5

... And a Nice Chianti

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1998 on The CW

Episode Recap

In the kitchen, Lucy suggests that she is going to take the bus to school, but all of the kids wanted to ask. Eric and Mary show up and Mary is so excited that she has her driver's license. None of the kids are excited about her being able to drive. Annie is cleaning the house and putting the dirty clothes in the hamper and is interrupted by Ruthie asking to not have to ride with Mary. The kids are running around early so that they don't have to ride the bus and then run out of the front door to catch the bus. Ruthie walks out of her room with a football helmet on to protect herself while Mary is driving. Eric tells Mary that they will get used to Mary's driving. Eric helps Annie around the house for a little while, but Annie doesn't want his help. Eric tells Annie that he is going to see Mrs. Brown, a lady who just got divorced and her son died several years ago. Annie wishes him luck since the lady has not really gotten over her divorce. Simon gets on the bus and has a hard time trying to find a seat. When Lucy gets on the bus, she is frustrated to see a bunch of Freshman and is approached by Stevie. He flirts with her, but Lucy rejects his advances as his girlfriend looks on.

Eric is over at Elizabeth Brown's house and she is asking Eric what to do about her life. Eric offers that she thinks about her son for 15 minutes a day and cry during that time and let her grief out. Matt is driving down the road and meets a stranded pregnant lady on the side of the road with a broken-down car. Matt tries to help her, but he doesn't really know how to help her and as he is looking under the hood, she gets in his car and takes it. At the school, the bus drops off everyone on the bus and a little kid, Marvin, gets bullied for his homework. Simon comes to his rescue and offers that Marvin will help the bully help himself. The bully, Nick, agrees and they walk off to let Nick help himself. At Lucy's school, Stevie's girlfriend tells Lucy to watch herself and not talk to Stevie anymore. Mary walks up to Lucy and asks her how her bus ride was. Matt is trying to get the car started when the police show up. Matt explains that he stopped to help a girl and she took off in his car, but the police don't believe him and one of the officers runs the plates on the car and finds that it is stolen. The police ask if Matt knows anything about it, but he doesn't know anything about it and they are going to arrest him.

At the beauty salon, Elizabeth is getting her hair done when Carolyn walks in and talks about her heart transplant. Elizabeth questions the hair dresser about Carolyn and learns tat she got a heart transplant about three years ago. Annie shows up at school, with Mary driving, and tries to get Lucy's attention for her to ride home with them, but Lucy ignores them in the line to get on the bus. Mary turns on the radio and hears piano music and gets frustrated by the music. In the bus, Marvin and Nick both appreciate the help that he gave them during the day and suddenly he is a popular guy and helps people with their homework. On Lucy's bus, Stevie walks in and sits right next to her and Lucy explains that she has a boyfriend, but Stevie won't give up. Elizabeth shows up at Eric's office and explains who she saw at the hair salon. Elizabeth explains that they donated all of her son's organs when he died and she is really excited about wanting ot see if she received her son's heart. Elizabeth hands Eric the name and number of the lady for him to call her to find out any information. Eric walks into the kitchen and starts apologizing to Annie for being late, but seeing that annie is upset, he asks her what is wrong. Annie explains that Matt never called to tell her that he would be late, but at that moment, Matt shows up with Sergeant Michaels. Sergeant Michaels tells the story and that Matt is a suspect for Grand Theft Auto in stealing the car that the lady was standing by.

In the morning, Mary makes fun of Matt and his no car situation, but when Mary realizes that she can drive on the highway to school, she gets excited. Ruthie comes downstairs with a hockey mask on her face and explains hockey to Annie and Matt, but totally misunderstands what happens during the game, but while explaining it, she uses bad grammar. Matt tries to help her out, but she doesn't understand. Matt tries to reason with her so that she doesn't make Mary upset by wearing the mask, but Ruthie doesn't care and walks away. Carolyn shows up in Eric's office and asks her about her heart transplant and if she knows where she got it. When Carolyn describes the boy that she got the heart from, it turns out not to be Elizabeth's son, but Eric has an idea. When Simon gets on the bus, he gets a round of applause for helping the kids out. Stevie's girlfriend tells Lucy to meet her after school outside and Lucy refuses and walks away. Sergeant Michaels and Eric find the car and Sergeant Michaels explains that the girl that stole the car is a runaway and the father reported the car stolen to get his daughter back. Mary walks up to Lucy and Lucy explains that Sheila, Stevie's girlfriend, wants to fight her. Mary walks off because she is upset that Lucy would give up driving with her to ride the bus, but Lucy explains that it is not because of Mary's driving, but because of Annie being pregnant. Lucy tells Mary that Annie is a walking advertisement for Eric and Annie having sex, but Mary walks off disgusted. Simon walks down the hallway and gets stopped by Marvin who tells Simon that Nick failed the paper that Marvin helped him on. Marvin explains that he isn't smart, he is just afraid of the other kids in the back of the bus. Eric shows up at the house with Theresa, the girl who stole Matt's car and asks Annie if she could help her out.

Theresa talks to Matt and apologizes for taking his car. Matt asks her what she is going to do about the baby, but she doesn't know and tells Matt that her parents told her that if she ever got pregnant that she shouldn't return home. At the bus, Lucy walks toward Stevie's girlfriend, but takes a detour and gets into the car with Eric and Mary. The girls walk up, but Mary drives off. Simon gets on the bus and Nick walks up to him and tells him to get off the bus or get a wedgie. Eric and the kids get home and Annie tells that it is time ot do the laundry. Annie asks about why they didn't come home on the bus, but the kids make up excuses. Theresa and Matt show up in the living room when the doorbell rings. Eric brings her parents into the living room to meet Theresa and when Theresa stands up, they start berating her about her being pregnant. Annie stands up to stick up for Theresa and how everyone makes mistakes, but she loves her kids, but her parents can't forgive her mistake. Theresa apologizes, but her parents don't want to accept the apology. Matt decides to interrupt and explains that Theresa wants a baby to have someone love her and now he understands why. When Theresa's parents walk out of the house, the father comments on how they have so many children, but the kids are on the steps and overhear his comment. Mary hollers back that Annie is pregnant with two more children and asks if he has a problem with it. They decide that they are not going to be embarrassed about Annie being pregnant. Eric and Annie discuss Theresa's parents when Amtt interrupts them to tell Eric that Elizabeth Brown is on the phone wondering if Eric found out if it is her son's heart.

Eric is at Elizabeth's house and explains to her that it is not her son's heart that was given to Carolyn, but that her and her husband did give a heart to someone and it is out there helping someone out. Eric asks if Elizabeth would like to talk to Carolyn and Elizabeth explains that she would like a friend who needs her. Two weeks later, Elizabeth, Carolyn, and Theresa show up in Eric's office and Theresa explains that she is living with Elizabeth. Eric tells Elizabeth that he got responses from the hospital in regards to where her sons organs went. John, the heart recipient, shows up and thanks Elizabeth; Jane, a kidney recipient; and Bill, a cornea recipient.