7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 5

... And a Nice Chianti

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1998 on The CW

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  • This was rather cheesy but I really enjoyed it.

    Mary got her learners permit and the the kids don't want to ride with her because the don't want people seeing that there mother is pregnant. Both Simon and Lucy have bad experiences on the bus. I loved how Mary toght the lesson. It was well, totally Matt. Mary did not tell them off but toght them a lesson. Way to go Mary.
    Matt gets his car stolen by a pregnant girl and is in her car which was stolen from her father. Matt is thought to be a criminal but gets of the hook. They find the pregnant girl and Annie and Eric help her. Matt sort-of becomes friends with her. They have her parents over to tall them she is pregnant because they don't know and she looks six months pregnant. Her parents are just cold will not help her. I loved it when Matt said now he understood why she wanted to keep the baby so sombody will love her. This whole time the other four kids were listning, with Happy.
    Eric is halping a woman, Elizebeth Brown who lost her son three years ago and just was divorced. Eric told her to think only about her son for 15 minutes and then do somethings for herself for the rest the day. She gets her hair done and meets a woman who had a heart transplant and is just happy to be alive. It was not her son's heart though.
    This has the cheesy 7th Heaven ending. The pregnant girl is living with Elizibeth, who just wants a friend who need her. With the happy to be alive woman the pregnant girl and Elizebeth have fun. At the very end Elizebeth meets a person with her sons heart, one with his kidney, and one with his eyes. Oh, and Annie finally puts out the underpants on the ground like she has been threatening to do. It ends with a hug of pregnant and happy and one with the grateful recipeants and Elizebeth and Eric is standing there a proud man.
    Overall I really enjoyed this epesode even if it was cheesy. And anger absorbs pee.

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