7th Heaven

Season 3 Episode 5

... And a Nice Chianti

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 1998 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Annie: And what have we here?
      Ruthie: A hockey mask. It's for hockey. That's the one where the guys come in wearing their best Sunday suits and they look real good, and then they put on football suits and skates and fight each other with big sticks, and the ones who don't wear these masks, sometimes they don't have no teeth left, and the ones that are really ugly, they put them in a glass boxy and let people look at them and when they get tired of looking, they get out.
      Annie: Where do I even begin with that?
      Matt: It's not "no teeth," it's "any teeth," as in "they don't have any teeth left."
      Annie: Thank you.
      Ruthie: I got enough problems, all right?
      Matt: "Have."
      Ruthie: Have what?
      Matt: No, it's you "have" enough problems.
      Ruthie: You think I've got problems, you could go to jail, mister.
      Matt: Done.
      Annie: "Finished". But never mind. Okay Ruthie, I think we're setting up a bad pattern here, today it's a hockey mask, yesterday it was a football helmet.
      Ruthie: I like to be fair to all the sports.
      Annie: Done.
      Matt: Aren't you afraid you're going to hurt Mary's feelings? I wouldn't want to hurt Mary's feelings. Mary's your sister. And she loves you. And she's about three times your size and can toss you around like a basketball.
      Ruthie: Mary's feelings? For a college boy, you don't know nothing.
      Matt: Anything! Anything!
      Ruthie: Whatever.
      Matt: Anything!