7th Heaven

Season 10 Episode 13

And Baby Makes Three

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2006 on The CW

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  • Great episode! The birth of Sandy and Martin's child!

    Sandy is in labor. She can't get a hold of anybody. Lucy finds out and drives up there, Simon goes after he has a fight with Rose, Eric and Annie head up there, and then Kevin, Ruthie, Sam, David and Martin all go up to see her. Also, Martin and Sandy's fathers are there. Sandy's dad is now sober. Simon and Rose make up and decide to get married in May. Sandy has a beautiful baby boy. Martin gets a full scholarship offer to a college near where Sandy lives.

    This was a wonderful episode! I thought that Martin seemed really dull when he first saw the baby. After they had already established that it was a boy, he seemed surprised when Sandy asked what they wanted to name him. I'm glad that Sandy's father is sober, but he still seems like how he was when he was an alcoholic. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • Sandy has her absolutely adorable baby boy in this episode. HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!

    There isn't much to say about this episode, except what happened. Let's see... Sandy believes she's in labor, she goes to the hospital, discovers she was thinking correctly, goes down to the movies, labor basically becomes absolutely an insane mess for her, she gets back to the hospital, and has the baby. Pretty simple. I absolutely fell in love with Aaron. Sandy's son turned up adorable and healthy, dispite all the crazy stuff that went on during her pregnancy. Oh, I forgot one important detail: Martin waits until the very last minute to be a part of Sandy's life. He waits until about 30 seconds before his son is born to be a part of his little boy's life.(who is absolutely adorable)
  • Very sweet episode...

    I absolutly loved this episode. It was by far the best one from this season. My favourite part was when Martin finally decides to go the hospital and he goes in to see Sandy and the baby. Right before commercials, he wipes the tears from her face. That just broke my heart. I thought that the writers put extra effort into the details of this episode which just brought out the things that we love about this show. If you are thinking of watching this show, this is the one to see first. It was just absolutly great and its a must see for any 7th Heavan fan.
  • I hate Rose. Simon is stupid. Ruthie has to LET GO of the little fantasy that Martin likes herlikes her, and that they might end up together.

    I hate Rose. I can't believe that Simon loves her! Is he serious?? I can't believe it. He just couldn't resist moving up the wedding. Urghhhh.

    I was mad that Martin wasn't planning on going to his child's birth. But it was good that Martin ended up going to the hospital. Ruthie and Martin are never going to be together (you know what I mean) and Ruthie has to let it go. I'm glad that they're friends, but they're are never going to be more than that.
  • Sandy has her baby....

    It was such a good episode. Rose..AHH!!! Rose. What words can one use to describe such an evil thing? Rose. How could she NOT wanna be there?!? And she calls Sandy her best friend?!?! You know what, enough with that scum. On to better and more important people. Sandy had her baby. She looked so cute with him. They never say the name though, which was weird. People just assumed it was Aaron. All Martin said was 'Aaron. My other Grandfather's name was Aaron. After his father's best friend.' That's all. That doesn't nessacarily mean that that was the name they chose. It was so stupid how despite the facts that the baby was wrapped in a BLUE blanket, Sandy said HE fifty times, Sandy said 'This is your son.', and Martin even said HE. ('He's beautiful. Nice job.' Was the quote) Martin STILL said 'He?!?!? Its a boy?!?!?' Like he had bever seen or heard the baby, or anyone talk about him. I understand being stressed and confused, but COME ON!!! I thought he was smarter than that!!! LOL. I Love Love Love the teddy bear Beau bought Sandy!!! It was big and looked soft.
  • the best episode

    This is my favorite episode yet. The writers composed the best script yet. I was happy that the camdens, sandy's dad,Martin's dad Bo, and Martin showed up to lend support to Sandy. I still hate Rose though. This episode makes me hate her even more. She just wants to manipulate Simon. I also like that Martin gets offered a baseball scholarship to a college near Sandy and Aaron. I thought the scene where Martin is pacing in the hallway and Ruthie comes out after seeing Sandy and the baby was great. Simon and Rose's decisssion to move there wedding date up was stupid.
  • Sandy has the baby and suddenly Martin is all into the baby; moving closer; going to the college and maybe getting together for the sake of the baby.

    HOGWASH!!!!!!!!!!! As adament as Martin was, he wouldn't flip that easily. I hate that everyone is pushing Martin to marry Sandy because of the baby. Yes, they shouldn't have had sex - especially unprotected sex and yes, Martin does have a responsibilty to Sandy and the baby and should be around -- but why does it have to be marriage. Just because the parents are married doesn't make it a family.
  • Sandy has her baby.

    It was very exiting and a cheesy 7th Heaven event. The main storyline is the baby. Everyone ends up there. Sandy's father shows up having been sober nine weeks on the other hand Martin's father brings a huge teddy bear. Sandy and Martin's father decide to work together. Lucy has agree'd to having another kid and ROse and Simon, after having a fight, pushed the wedding up to this May. Two things I loved were what the twins said about how they thought Simon and Rose would have the next baby and if they would wait untill they were married and Simon and Rose are making-out. I also like when Lucy and Kevin were talking about having another baby Savannah was making faces. I also liked when Kevin tried the baby food. Overall it was a good epesode but a bit cheesy for me.
  • Happy The Dog recaps and reviews this episode!

    Ruthie’s got her panties in an optimistic knot because Martin invited her, Miss Ruthie Camden, to go to the batting cages with him! She can watch his butt wiggle. She can drool over him just like Meredith, that man-stealing hussy, used to. She says there’s a scout from the Modesto Nuts coming this afternoon to see Mr. Man. RevCam makes an exaggerated face at Sea Hag Annie, who decides to go find out “what’s keeping the boys.” No doubt one got stuck in the toilet again.

    Ever curious what Happy thinks about all the goings on at the Camden household? She has full recaps for all Season 10 episodes, including this week's And Baby Makes Three.

    Check out her full recap at http://happy-the-dog.livejournal.com.
  • Good ending!

    In the episode of Baby Makes Three Sandy gives birth to Martin's child. It was very sweet how he went to the episode to see his son. Also how he is going to be apart of Sandy and the baby's life. I was SO happy when Rose and Simon broke up but.... guess again! man i HATE Rose!!!
  • This episode was not very interesting.

    I personally did not really like this episode. It was not really drawing me in. I thought it was nice that Martin finally came to see Sandy in the hospital.

    Even though Rose and Simon are moving up the wedding, I am still sticking with my original thought that they won't get married. At least I hope they don't. I really ticked me off how Rose didn't tell Simon that Sandy was in labor.

    Ruthie really needs to get over herself. I know that sounds mean, but I'm really getting sick of her 'Everything bad happens to me' attitude. She needs to just suck it up. She should have stayed home like her parents told her too. Oh well...

    Well, those are some of my thoughts on the episode.
  • A nice episode.

    With the "And Baby Makes Three" episode of 7th Heaven, there were a few parts and a few people that got on my nerves, but overall I found this to be one entertaining episode.

    The episode starts out with Sandy arriving at the hospital, in labor, Martin getting ready to show off his talent for a major league scout and Ruthie excitied about being able to watch his practice, and Rose being her usual spoiled, self-centered self.

    What I liked about the episode is how the Camdens, Martin's father (and eventually Martin), and Sandy's now sober father being brought together by Sandy's upcoming birth of her and Martin's child. I admit that at times I didn't like the storyline, like when the nurse on call told Sandy she could go for a walk and not notice she wasn't around the hospital grounds and basically let her walk over to movie theather, where she almost had her child. Another part of the episode that I didn't like was how Rose complained about having to go to the hospital with Simon to be there for Sandy. Even though she eventually agrees to go, I don't find it suprising that she found every chance there was to talk about herself and her upcoming wedding to Simon.

    Another part of the episode that I didn't like to much but by the end, I liked was how it appeared that Martin finally came around and appears to want to be apart of Sandy and the baby's lives, even considering attending college to play baseball on the school's team near where Sandy live and how they are going to start over again and try being friends.

    In all, I found this to be a nice episode. I can't wait to see how the writers are going to play out Martin and Sandy's storyline through the end of the series.
  • Sandy is in labor and Martin in trying out for baseball scouts. His father, and Sandy's father, are at the hospital and Eric tries to get Martin to come, but he refuses. After hearing advice from college scouts, he goes to see Sandy and his son and is not

    This is definatly one of my favorite episodes this season. I've been waiting to see what would happen when the baby was born, and what I hoped would happen, did. Martin came to his senses, and is taking responsibility for his child. I was also very happy to see that sandy is still a Christian and that the writes put that in again. This is a very special episode indeed and is another reason why I continue to watch this show. I'm am very sorry that it is ending!!
  • Rose wants to be knocked out...can I try?.

    There were some things about this episode I liked, but all I can really say is that it was better than last week's episode. Although I didn't really mind that one. There were some nice character moments, and some bad ones. You know who I am referring too. The whole thing was nice, but it reeked of unoriginality and predictable cliches. That being said, I found myself not minding the episode at all. It wasn't bad at all, and it had some nice moments and touches, but a few nice things does not an entire episode make. And then there is the promoting of this episode. It was promoted in the ads as a "7th Heaven event". There used to be a time when such heavy promotional words actually meant something. A 7th Heaven event was the twins being born, Matt getting married, the 100th episode, Lucy's engagement and everything. Now it seems they tag on "event" to anything. I can't agree that this episode was an "event" at all. It was pretty subtle, and focused around someone who isn't a Camden and who hasn't been in favor of a lot of viewers from the beginning. This goes along when they advertised the episode "Turkey" as the "most emotional episode of 7th Heaven ever!". But back to the episode itself. The season, and the series, is winding down, and I don't particularly care to spend it with episodes devoted to Martin, Sandy, and an increasingly psychotic Rose. But let's get to what happened in the first place, shall we?...

    Sandy enters a hospital that is unlike any hospital I have ever seen in my life and must only exist in nice television shows. She is ignored when she first enters, but finally gets a nurse's attention. Who runs this place?. Sandy is going into labor. Her water has broke and the baby is a'comin'. A nurse takes the poor thing under her wing(as they do), and tries to help her get into contact with somebody. Therein lies a problem. Most everyone is hard to reach. She calls Simon and Rose(which we will get too later), only for Rose to tell her they've got class and hang up on her. Martin is not answering his cell phone as he wants to concentrate on his game and the fact that a scout is coming to see him today. She finally gets in touch with Lucy, who tells her she is on her way. When traffic gets in the way, Lucy contacts Simon, tells him everything, and this begins a fight with Rose. Simon takes off to the hospital after Rose basically says this isn't their problem. I have more to say on Rose in a minute!. Simon goes to the hospital and learns that Sandy has left. She wasn't ready yet, so she went for a walk. Lucy arrives soon. But Martin?. He refuses to go once he learns of the situation from Eric, who tracks him down at school. Martin is far too interested in ball and the scout visit to really care. He doesn't plan on going up to the hospital. That Martin. Eric, Annie, and Martin's father go to the hospital. And in a nice turn of events(but not entirely surprising), Sandy's father shows up with flowers and announces that he is 9 weeks sober. And whatever happens with the baby's father?. The scout was not what he thought. A set up by Eric for Martin to go to college(which he wasn't)and play ball there, and if the baseball thing doesn't pan out, he will have a college education to fall back on. Martin's thoughts change and he heads to the hospital to see his newborn son.

    Whew!. Okay, where to begin?. Let's go with Rose. I really don't care if Rose came around in the end, apologized, came to the hospital, and even helped Sandy. Those were all nice things, but for me, it just doesn't make up how excrutiatingly awful this woman can be. She just blows off Sandy on the phone when she needed someone, and fights with Simon for wanting to go to the hospital, and then she has the audacity to even say that she is Sandy's friend!. You are, Rose?. Are you sure?. It sure doesn't seem like it. Her reasoning?. "We're just friends". Yeah, well, what are friends for, Rose?. Sandy is going into labor with no one there. You go to the hospital!. I was so happy and proud of Simon to finally tell it like it is to Rose. That maybe they shouldn't get married. Hurray!. But that gladness soon ends when the two kiss(making out in a hospital waiting area no less!)and move the wedding date up to this May instead of the year after. Simon, what happened to that backbone?. I seriously hope the final episodes are not about Rose. :(

    Elsewhere, Kevin is pestering Lucy to have another baby. Lucy seems to not be up for another baby. Kevin is. Savannah just turned one, didn't she?. Let everyone take a breather, Kev. Your not the one who has to lug the baby around for nine moths. Your not the one who has to give labor. Your not the one who has to gain weight, get morning sickness, and whatever else comes with it. But Lucy agrees to have one if that is what he wants. He says it is. Why give in?. Why a baby right now when the baby you have is still a baby?. I didn't like the fact that Lucy agreed to this, and it would of been so much better if Kevin had said that he wants another baby, but when she is ready. In my opinion, it should of been different.

    Where do we end?. Sandy and Martin. I have not liked Martin at all this entire season. He has been a jerk more times than I care to count, and he was especially jerky and unlikeable for most of this episode. But it was nice that Martin had a change of heart and came to the hospital. It was nice to see a smile on his face about this whole thing for a change. The moments with him in the room with Sandy and baby were nice and was the best part of the episode. As for Sandy, I was never a fan. But here lately, I have grown to like her. She is a sweet person. Of course, if she was gone, I wouldn't be shedding any tears. But she was very sweet and loveable in this episode. The baby is adorable. A nice sized, nice looking baby. A boy!. But seriously, how stupid is Martin?. She tells him the baby is his son, and the baby is wearing blue, and Martin asks if it's a boy. Earth to Martin!. I'm just glad the name Milton was thrown out of the running.

    In the end, this episode was perfectly serviceable, if nothing really new. The nice moments I mentioned were just that, but the overall episode was pretty routine. Michael McDonald is a funny and brilliant comedian, but his dramatic acting skills on this show seem off centered. But it's still funny to me how he calls Lucy "Lucille". I also thought it was a nice touch that he and Martin's dad hook up business-wise. That was kind of interesting. Anyways, with so few episodes left, I hope we get vintage 7th Heaven, and not what it is now.
  • I know there\'s no greater feeling than the love of family.

    This episode had best episode of the season written all over it. It was superbly written and offered us some developments that we\'ve been wanting to see for so long.

    Martin and Sandy don\'t have to be together but they did make a wonderful agreement to stay close. I\'m glad they both apologized to each other for their wrongs.

    Simon telling Lucy not to smile when he told her that Rose and him might have broken up was hysterical! Even though they\'re planning on getting married sooner now, Lucy\'s revelation that the entire Camden family doesn\'t think Rose is the right woman for him was a development that will no doubt put an eventual end to their relationship.

    Score: 11 out of 10!
  • This episode made me cry. It was nice that Sandy's dad came to the hospital to see Sandy. Nice of Carlos dad to bring something for Sandy and the baby. Too bad we didn't get to hear the name for the baby maybe next week. Yeah it was nice to.

    It was nice to see everyone at the hospital to see Sandy they all came one at a time to see Sandy. Can't believe Rose lied to Sandy. I don't think Lucy could handle another baby either. I think it would be nice to see Martin holding his son to.
  • This episode shows the birth of Martin and Sandy\\\'s baby. This is a very important episode in the timeline of 7th Heaven, and one of the only ones to fully feature the full relationship to the birth episode. This episode, though some parts illogical, ha

    This episode was indeed a very special episode. We can see now, that even sex, the first time can be life changing. Martin\\\'s actions proved that. He had a baby with Sandy. The baby was unexpected, and unborn and to this point, we don\\\'t know what is going to happen. From the summaries, we see the plot jumping around, so we can only tell by watching next week\\\'s episode what the outcome will be. I think Martin finally mans up and takes the step to be with his baby. I think he\\\'s finally come to the realization that that\\\'s there.
    With Ruthie, i don\\\'t know what\\\'s with that. The conversations she had with Eric and Annie just seemed too, well, too simple. She\\\'s been crushing on Martin, and obviously Martin\\\'s been crushing on her, but we\\\'ll have to see where that takes us. The two grandparents getting along was a nice plot. Perhaps it\\\'s unreasonable, but it is a nice plot.
    Lucy and Kevin and Savannah this week were minor. Lucy and Kevin it seems may be having another baby. That would in my opinion make an excellent spin off if they so decided to do so. Perhaps Eric retires from Glenoak Community Church and let\\\'s Lucy take over, or steps down to a lower position so Lucy can fully take over. I can\\\'t imagine Eric completely dissapearing from his parishiners. Only time will tell and only the writers can tell us what will come out of the series to the very end. We only have 9 more episodes till the end :/
  • The Sandy/Martin production is finally revealed and it's a...

    Baby boy Jameson

    So after an entire season of wondering what would happen with Sandy, Martin and the baby we finally got our chance to find out. At first, it was clear that Martin pretty much only cared about himself as usual. Frankly, I almost wanted to reach through the television and slap him when he told Eric that he was not going to the hospital because their was no reason for him to. I was glad to see that he actually wised up and decided that he needed to go (which in normal 7th Heaven style, I knew he would). I also was glad to see Sandy's father show up and give her support because I didn't even expect him to. I also loved the name they gave the baby because it's such a beautiful one.

    I am really getting sick though of Ruthie having to be up Martin's butt all the time, and this episode was just the worst. The fact that she actually said "Well, someone has to be here for Martin's baseball try-out" made me despise this situation even more. How difficult is it for her used to be curly headed self to see that Martin is "just not into her". Everyone else can see it, so why doesn't she?

    Another part that kind of irritated me, was that the people actually let Sandy leave the hospital to "walk around". When a hospital says "walk around" to a pregnant woman it means to actually walk around inside or outside the perimeters of the hospital, not let's go to the movies. I'm sure this was added just for plot and it would make people wonder if she could make it back to the hospital in time to give birth. However, I did not. Instead I was wondering if anyone but me wondered why they actually let the leave the hospital without signing a statment. I know it shouldn't matter, but to me it did.

    I also have to say the storyline in which Lucy and Kevin fighting about whether or not to have another baby soon was not that enjoyable. It's not as if this was not coming as I think Lucy wants to have a certain number of children, but I don't think Kevin wanted to have another baby this close to Savannah's birth. I assume that this was to go along with the baby plot since Sandy was giving birth and they needed to tie in everyone's storyline pretty much. However, I think Lucy has it's correct that it would be pretty hard for her being a minister, he being a cop and having 2 children would be really tough on them. With that being said however, even if they even did get pregnant this very episode, we would never see the child unless a reunion movie occured somewhere down the road. This could also be a plot that is revealed in the finale. I would not be surprised if in the final episode, Lucy and Kevin announce another baby is on the way for them.

    Rose's behavior in this episode was basically as bad as Martin's was. It was hard for me to believe that she did not actually want to be there for her friend and support her. Her baby class excuse was pretty lame, but I have to admit she looks like someone who would actually get kicked out of Lamaze class. However, I can say that I'm glad that Rose and Simon are going to finally make it official. One should have expected this when it was announced that the show would be ending this season, but it's nice to know they are going to get married after all. I assume this will probably end up being the finale episode in May.

    All in all this episode was one of the strongest that 7th Heaven has had in a while. My theory is that know the show is coming to an end and have decided to actually write some this season, but I think it's because they really want to leave this show on a high note and not leave fans disappointed over what occured this year. I thought this episode would be the generic "I'm in labor and here's the baby" that so many shows have done, but I have to admit that Lawrence H. Levy did a pretty swell job writing this episode.

    Final Grade: B+
  • Wow! This is the start of the last ten episodes, and I think it went well it filled in some lose ends and next weeks episode is giving us some new problems, which scares me because I dont want the last episode to be a dissapointment.

    Well at the start of this episode we find out Martin has another scout comming to see him, and Ruthie is going to be allowed to watch Martin at practice, which excites her. We also find out that this is the big day for Sandy and Martin, with the arrival of there son in this episode, they become closer, which will cause a little jealousy for Ruthie. Martin is also made to make a desision on weither to go to college or join a minor league team. When Simon hears that Sandie is in labor without anyone there to help her he amediatly wants to lend his support at the hospital, much to Rose's dismay, which causes a big fight, and then a big make-up where Simon decides to move up the wedding to May of this year. Kevin and Lucy have decided they may be ready for another baby. And at the end of this episode we are lead to believe everything is going well, buut the preview for next week gives us a huge cliff-hanger.
  • Wow 7th Heaven just gets better and beter. Too bad it is going off the air. I am so definatly buying ALL 10 seasons on DVD

    Whoever came up with the idea for this show good for you. It is my all time favorite show. And I thank you so much that you have been willing to keep a show that revolves around God on the air for 10 seasons. It shows there are people out there in the world who care!
  • Martin and Sandy celebrate the birth of there son and as everyone gathers to celebrate. Rose and Simon get into a fight. Martin overlooks his future. Kevin wants another baby and Lucy isnt ready for that. Annie+Eric worry about Ruthie being in love with M

    It was an amazing episode I think for the last 15 minuets I cryed. I dont like Sandy I personaly want Ruthie and Martin to get together and I want Simone and Sandy together it was a really good episode Im pretty sure its my favorite. And I hope that Lucy and Kevin end up having the second child because there amazing and I want everything to work out Ruthy and Martin and Sandy and Simone and so on. But it was probally the most touching episode and I think they should have that as the final episode it would be a great finaly.